Contribute non-core code

To enable teams that contribute non-core src to the tradefederation projects full ownership of the review process, the following projects have been created with open +2 rights for all teams. This relieves the core tradefederation team from the burden of all code reviews un-related to the core framework while also allowing the other teams to iterate faster in their review cycle.

Non-core src is defined as code that is not required by the tradefederation framework to be functional (e.g. custom tests, configs, specific test utilities).

IMPORTANT Non-core src should not extend core tradefederation classes. Doing so impacts future refactoring/clean up. If you are unsure if your code belongs in core or contrib, reach out to android-tradefed@ for clarification. The core tradefederation team is happy to advise and receive feature requests.

An example core tradefederation class would be any class in the package like:

Again, please reach out if you are unclear what would be considered a core class to android-tradefed@.


Contrib projects' paths

Who are these contrib projects for?

If you currently work in the tradefederation projects writing tests/test utilities/configs, these projects were created for you.

Code reviews in contrib projects

The goal of the contrib projects is to allow you to do development in Tradefed without needing the review of the core team (android-tradefed@). So we expect your team or anybody familiar with your context to perform the code reviews on your CLs.

Always feel free to reach out to android-tradefed@ if stuck or need guidance on a particular case, but do not rely on it by default to do your code review in contrib. Tradefed team has no SLO when it comes to code reviews in contrib.

Where can I start working on these projects?

They have been added to the following branch manifests and are already part of main platform checkout so if you don't see the projects in your environment, you're a repo sync away from contributing.

  • main
  • tradefed
  • oc-dev
  • oc-dev-plus-aosp
  • nyc-mr2-dev-plus-aosp
  • main-daydream-dev
  • main-without-vendor
  • wear-main

Development and testing

Development in contrib is expected to have the same quality bar as anywhere else in the Android repositories:

  • Respect the Android formatting guidelines
  • Code is tested and submitted with tests
  • Design is thoughtful and makes sense

How do I test locally in contrib?


In aosp, unit tests of contrib are located in platform/tools/tradefederation/contrib/tests/src/ and unit tests should be added to to be picked up in presubmit and local testing scripts.

Aosp local scripts after running lunch:


Build rules update to contrib projects

The build rules (makefiles) are under their own build/ folder and locked by an OWNERS file that will prevent your from modifying them without an extra review from the core team. This is the only limitation to the contrib project.

We need this review to ensure no unexpected dependencies are added to the overall Tradefed projects without the knowledge or agreement from the core team. If you really need some new dependencies to be added, please contact android-tradefed@ to look into your use cases and advise you.