Ultra HDR

Android 14 provides support for capturing Ultra HDR compressed images using the JPEG_R image format. This format is backward compatible with SDR JPEG images and supports HDR rendering of content. For details about the Ultra HDR format specification, see Ultra HDR Image Format v1.0.


This section describes how to implement the Ultra HDR feature.

Reference implementation

The AOSP camera framework and camera service includes a reference Ultra HDR implementation.

In addition to the reference functionality in the camera framework, you can implement Ultra HDR within the camera HAL and advertise support for JPEG_R output in the same way as other camera HAL output streams. In this scenario, the camera HAL must generate the necessary recovery map and the final JPEG_R image as defined by the Ultra HDR specification. You can optimize and tune the final output depending on the device hardware and software capabilities.

Implementation options

Device manufacturers can decide on the following levels of Ultra HDR support for their devices:

  • Minimal: In this configuration, Ultra HDR output through the camera service composite stream functionality is disabled by default. To enable the JpegRCompositeStream reference implementation, set the ro.camera.enableCompositeAPI0JpegR system property to true. Because all processes and encoding is performed in software, this option can result in increased latency and decreased performance.
  • Moderate: With this option, the JpegRCompositeStream implementation uses a HAL-provided SDR JPEG file as a base image and a P010 frame to calculate a recovery map. This option involves software processing within the data path but is relatively minor compared to the minimal option.
  • Extensive: The camera HAL advertises and supports the JPEG_R output stream directly. This option lets device manufacturers implement device-specific optimizations and can provide significant image quality improvements.

To disable the JpegRCompositeStream implementation, set the ro.camera.disableJpegR build property to true. If this build property isn't set or is set to false, Ultra HDR is enabled by default through JpegRCompositeStream on devices supporting 10-bit output capability and concurrent 10 and 8-bit capture.


To validate the Ultra HDR feature on your device, run the following tests.

CTS tests

ITS tests

Manual tests

To perform manual tests, use the sample implementation for Ultra HDR image capture, which includes support for the configuration and capture of Ultra HDR using the JPEG_R image format.