ATS frequently asked questions

How do I run a different version of ATS?

You can change the version of ATS by using --tag when starting.

mtt start --tag=prod_R11.202011.002

The available options for --tag can be found in the ATS cloud repository under the Tags column. Common tags to use are:

  • prod: The most recent production release (used by default)
  • latest: Daily developer build (unstable but contains latest changes and bug` fixes)
  • For a specific version number

How do I fix a LowDiskSpaceException?

When executing a test run, you may see the following error in the host logs:$LowDiskSpaceException: Available space on /data/tmp is 0.00 MB. Min is 100 MB.

This error is due to low host storage. /data/tmp is a folder inside the Docker data volume Test Station is using. You can find the actual location by running docker inspect mtt-data.

To fix the issue, you can delete test run data through the Test Runs page.