Downloadable test profiles

Android provides downloadable test profiles for testing the radio implementation of devices supporting eSIM. For testers that need to download a test profile defined in TS.48, Android provides a mechanism in its SM-DP+ to facilitate the download of up-to-date test profiles. When a tester scans a QR code for a test profile, the SM-DP+ downloads the test profile to the target device. Because there are no download or profile policy rules implemented, there are no limits to the number of downloads or the devices that can download the profiles. The device downloading the test profiles must have a test certificate issued by a GSMA CI.

For details on the test certificate definitions, see SGP.26 v1.4 Annex D.

Test profiles

The TS.48 specification provides four separate recommended profiles. For details on their encoding and contents, see the Generic-eUICC-Test-Profile-for-Device-Testing-Public repository published by the GSMA.

The following test profiles are available for download.

Test profile QR code


Profile name: TS48 V2 eSIM_GTP_SAIP2.1_BERTLV_v2.rename2der
Status: This profile hasn't been tested on a compatible device
ICCID: 89000123456789022341
Matching ID: 052X-UFXS-CQIY-PNGL
Activation code: 1$$052X-UFXS-CQIY-PNGL

TS48 V2 eSIM_GTP_SAIP2.1_BERTLV_v2.rename2der


Profile name: TS48 V2 eSIM_GTP_SAIP2.1_NoBERTLV.rename2der
Status: This profile has been tested on a compatible device
ICCID: 89000123456789032341
Matching ID: 3TD6-8L82-HUE1-LVN6
Activation code: 1$$3TD6-8L82-HUE1-LVN6

TS48 V2 eSIM_GTP_SAIP2.1_NoBERTLV.rename2der


Profile name: TS48 V2 eSIM_GTP_SAIP2.3_BERTLV.rename2der
Status: This profile hasn't been tested on a compatible device
ICCID: 89000123456789042341
Matching ID: 15YQ-Q0XO-9BN6-KSX2
Activation code: 1$$15YQ-Q0XO-9BN6-KSX2

TS48 V2 eSIM_GTP_SAIP2.3_BERTLV.rename2der


Profile name: TS48 V2 eSIM_GTP_SAIP2.3_NoBERTLV.rename2der

Status: This profile hasn't been tested on a compatible device
ICCID: 89000123456789052341
Matching ID: 9RS2-4AT0-MPKU-HKUO
Activation code: 1$$9RS2-4AT0-MPKU-HKUO

TS48 V2 eSIM_GTP_SAIP2.3_NoBERTLV.rename2der