Global filters in Trade Federation

Global filters is a way to provide test filters to Tradefed that will apply to the invocation automatically without having to worry about whether a test supports it or not.

It will be inop if the configuration doesn't support filtering, but provide the benefit of not throwing an ConfigurationException like it's usually the case in Tradefed. This allows a service with minimal knowledge about Tradefed to easily generate and provide filter flags generically.


--global-filters:include-filter [abi] module-name [test-class][#method-name]

--global-filters:exclude-filter [abi] module-name [test-class][#method-name]

Where module-name is the only mandatory part to be provided.

For example:

  • --global-filters:include-filter moduleA : will only run the module
  • --global-filters:include-filter moduleA class#method : will only run the matching method

The option can be repeated if more filters are needed. Exclusion has priority over inclusion.


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