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These are the API classes. See all API packages.


AaptParser Class that extracts info from apk by parsing output of 'aapt dump badging'. 
Abi A class representing an ABI. 
AbiFormatter Utility class for abi. 
AbiUtils Utility class for handling device ABIs  
AbstractHostMonitor Typical class for Host Health Monitoring. 
AbstractTargetCleaner An ITargetCleaner class with a stub setUp(ITestDevice, IBuildInfo) method  
AbstractXmlParser Helper base class for parsing xml files  
AbstractXmlParser.ParseException Thrown if XML input could not be parsed  
ActivityStatusChecker Status checker for left over activities running at the end of a module. 
AdditionalFilesInstaller A ITargetPreparer that pushes all IBuildInfo.getFiles() to specific path on device. 
Alarm A thread which waits for a period of time and then interrupts a specific other thread. 
AllTestAppsInstallSetup A ITargetPreparer that installs all apps from a IDeviceBuildInfo.getTestsDir() folder onto device. 
AltDirBehavior An enum to define alternative directory behaviors for various test artifact installers/pushers


AndroidDebugBridgeWrapper A wrapper that directs IAndroidDebugBridge calls to the 'real' AndroidDebugBridge
AndroidJUnitTest A Test that runs an instrumentation test package on given device using the 
AndroidManifestWriter Helper class for modifying an AndroidManifest. 
AppBuildInfo A IBuildInfo that represents an Android application and its test package(s). 
AppDeviceBuildInfo A IDeviceBuildInfo that also contains a IAppBuildInfo
AppSetup A ITargetPreparer that installs an apk and its tests. 
AppVersionFetcher Utility class to get app version string from device. 
AppVersionFetcher.AppVersionInfo App version info types. 
ArgsOptionParser Populates Option fields from parsed command line arguments. 
ArrayUtil Utility methods for arrays  
AtestRunner Implementation of ITestSuite  
AtraceCollector A IMetricCollector that runs atrace during a test and collects the result and log them to the invocation. 
AtraceRunMetricCollector Collects the traces from all the test directory under the given directory from the test device, log the test directory and post process the trace files under the test directory and aggregate the metrics. 


BackgroundDeviceAction Runs a command on a given device repeating as necessary until the action is canceled. 
BaseDeviceMetricCollector Base implementation of IMetricCollector that allows to start and stop collection on onTestRunStart(DeviceMetricData) and onTestRunEnd(DeviceMetricData, Map)
BaseHostJUnit4Test Base test class for running host JUnit4 style tests. 
BaseLeveledLogOutput A base implementation for ILeveledLogOutput that allows to filtering some tags based on their name or components. 
BaseModuleController Basic implementation of IModuleController that should be implemented for checking if a module should run or not. 
BaseMultiTargetPreparer Base implementation of IMultiTargetPreparer that allows to disable the object. 
BaseTargetPreparer Base implementation class for ITargetPreparer that allows to control whether the object is disabled or not. 
BaseTestSuite A Test for running Compatibility Test Suite with new suite system. 
BatteryTemperature.DumpsysBatteryTemperatureReceiver Parse the output of "adb shell dumpsys battery" to collect the temperature. 
BinaryState Enum used to record ON/OFF state with a IGNORE no-op state. 
BluetoothUtils Utility functions for calling BluetoothInstrumentation on device

Device side BluetoothInstrumentation code can be found in AOSP at: frameworks/base/core/tests/bluetoothtests  

BootstrapBuildProvider A IDeviceBuildProvider that bootstraps build info from the test device

This is typically used for devices with an externally supplied build, i.e. 

BuddyInfoMetricCollector A ScheduledDeviceMetricCollector to collect fragmentation at regular intervals. 
Bugreport Object holding the bugreport files references, compatible of flat bugreport and zipped bugreport (bugreportz). 
BugreportCollector A pass-through ITestInvocationListener that collects bugreports when configurable events occur and then calls ITestLogger.testLog(String, LogDataType, InputStreamSource) on its children after each bugreport is collected. 
BugreportCollector.Predicate A full predicate describing when to capture a bugreport. 
BugreportzMetricCollector A ScheduledDeviceMetricCollector to collect zipped bugreport at regular intervals. 
BuildError Thrown if the provided build fails to run. 
BuildInfo Generic implementation of a IBuildInfo that should be associated with a ITestDevice
BuildInfoAttributePreparer A ITargetPreparer that adds arbitrary attributes to the IBuildInfo
BuildInfoKey Class holding enumeration related to build information queries. 
BuildInfoKey.BuildInfoFileKey Enum describing all the known file types that can be queried through IBuildInfo.getFile(BuildInfoFileKey)
BuildInfoRecorder An ITargetPreparer that writes build info meta data into a specified file. 
BuildRetrievalError A fatal error occurred while retrieving the build for testing. 
BuildSerializedVersion Class that contains the current serialization version of all IBuildInfo
BuildTestsZipUtils A helper class for operations related to tests zip generated by Android build system  
BulkEmailer A email sender utility that allows the following configuration: sent interval,initial burst size, recipients and the total number messages. 
ByteArrayList A class to represent a lightweight byte array. 


CdmaDeviceFlasher A class that flashes an image on a physical Android device with a CDMA radio. 
CheckPairingPreparer A CompanionAwarePreparer that verifies BT bonding between primary and companion devices  
CircularAtraceUtil An atrace utility developed primarily for identifying the root causes of ANRs during Monkey testing. 
CircularByteArray Data structure for holding a fixed size array that operates as a circular buffer, and tracks the total sum of all values in the array. 
ClassNotFoundConfigurationException ConfigurationException for when the class of an object is not found. 
ClassPathScanner Finds entries on classpath. 
ClassPathScanner.ClassNameFilter A ClassPathScanner.IClassPathFilter that filters and transforms java class names. 
ClassPathScanner.ExternalClassNameFilter A ClassPathScanner.ClassNameFilter that rejects inner classes  
ClassPathScanner.IClassPathFilter A filter for classpath entry paths

Patterned after FileFilter  

ClockworkUtils A clockwork utility for sharing multi-device logic  
CodeCoverageListener A ResultForwarder that will pull coverage measurements off of the device and log them as test artifacts. 
CodeCoverageReportFormat An interface representing the output format of a code coverage report  
CodeCoverageTest A Test that runs an instrumentation test package on a given device and generates the code coverage report. 
CodeCoverageTestBase<T extends CodeCoverageReportFormat> An abstract base class which runs installed instrumentation test(s) and collects execution data from each test that was run. 
CodeCoverageTestBase.CoverageCollectingListener A ResultForwarder which collects coverage files. 
CollectingByteOutputReceiver A IShellOutputReceiver which collects the whole shell output into a byte[]
CollectingOutputReceiver A IShellOutputReceiver which collects the whole shell output into one String
CollectingTestListener A ITestInvocationListener that will collect all test results. 
CommandFileParser Parser for file that contains set of command lines. 
CommandFileParser.Bitmask Represents a bitmask. 
CommandFileWatcher A simple class to watch a set of command files for changes, and to trigger a reload of _all_ manually-loaded command files when such a change happens. 
CommandFileWatcher.CommandFile A simple struct to store a command file as well as its extra args  
CommandOptions Implementation of ICommandOptions
CommandResult Contains the result of a command. 
CommandRunner An alternate TradeFederation entry point that will run command specified in command line arguments and then quit. 
CommandRunner.ExitCode Error codes that are possible to exit with. 
CommandScheduler A scheduler for running TradeFederation commands across all available devices. 
CommandScheduler.CommandTracker Represents one active command added to the scheduler. 
CommandScheduler.CommandTrackerIdComparator Comparator for CommandScheduler.CommandTracker
CommandStatus Represents the status of an timed operation. 
CompanionAllocator Base class that takes care of allocating and freeing companion device

getCompanionDeviceSelectionOptions() should be implemented to describe the criteria needed to allocate the companion device  

CompanionAwarePreparer An ITargetPreparer that encapsulates the logic of getting an already allocated companion device. 
CompanionAwareTest Base test class that encapsulates boilerpate of getting and checking companion device

Subclass may call getCompanion() to retrieve the allocated companion. 

CompanionDeviceTracker A class for allocating and freeing companion devices  
CompanionRunCommandTargetPreparer A ITargetPreparer that runs specified commands on the allocated companion device  
CompanionTestAppInstallSetup A ITargetPreparer that installs one or more apps from a IDeviceBuildInfo.getTestsDir() folder onto an allocated companion device. 
ConditionPriorityBlockingQueue<T> A thread-safe class with PriorityBlockingQueue-like operations that can retrieve objects that match a certain condition. 
ConditionPriorityBlockingQueue.AlwaysMatch<T> A ConditionPriorityBlockingQueue.IMatcher that matches any object. 
ConditionPriorityBlockingQueue.IMatcher<T> An interface for determining if elements match some sort of condition. 
ConfigCompletor Implementation of the Completor for our TF configurations. 
Configuration A concrete IConfiguration implementation that stores the loaded config objects in a map. 
ConfigurationDef Holds a record of a configuration, its associated objects and their options. 
ConfigurationDef.ConfigObjectDef Object to hold info for a className and the appearance number it has (e.g. 
ConfigurationDescriptor Configuration Object that describes some aspect of the configuration itself. 
ConfigurationException Thrown if configuration could not be loaded. 
ConfigurationFactory Factory for creating IConfiguration
ConfigurationFactory.ConfigId A simple struct-like class that stores a configuration's name alongside the arguments for any <template-include> tags it may contain. 
ConfigurationFactory.ConfigLoader Implementation of IConfigDefLoader that tracks the included configurations from one root config, and throws an exception on circular includes. 
ConfigurationUtil Utility functions to handle configuration files. 
ConfigurationXmlParser Parses a configuration.xml file. 
ConfigurationXmlParser.ConfigHandler SAX callback object. 
ConfigurationXmlParserSettings A simple class to accept settings for the ConfigurationXmlParser

To pass settings to this class, the alias is mandatory. 

ConnectionChecker Target preparer that waits until an ip address is asigned to any of the specified interfaces. 
Console Main TradeFederation console providing user with the interface to interact

Currently supports operations such as

  • add a command to test
  • list devices and their state
  • list invocations in progress
  • list commands in queue
  • dump invocation log to file/stdout
  • shutdown
Console.ArgRunnable<T> A Runnable with a run method that can take an argument  
Console.CaptureList A convenience type for List<List<String>>  
ConsoleReaderOutputStream An OutputStream that can be used to make System.out.print() play nice with the user's ConsoleReader buffer. 
ConsoleResultReporter Result reporter to print the test results to the console. 
CoverageMeasurementForwarder A dummy test that fowards coverage measurements from the build provider to the logger. 
CpuStatsCollector Helper class which runs cpustats continuously on an ITestDevice and parses the output. 
CpuStatsCollector.CpuStats Class for holding parsed output data for a single cpustats output. 
CpuStatsCollector.CpuStatsReceiver Receiver which parses the output from cpustats and optionally logs to a file. 
CpuStatsCollector.TimeCategory Used to distinguish between the different CPU time categories. 
CpuThrottlingWaiter An ITargetPreparer that waits until max frequency on all cores are restored to highest level available  
CrashCollector A ITargetPreparer that runs crash collector on device which suppresses and logs crashes during test execution. 


DefaultRemoteAndroidTestRunner Extension of the ddmlib RemoteAndroidTestRunner to set some default for Tradefed use cases. 
DefaultTestsZipInstaller A default implementation of tests zip installer. 
DetectRegression An algorithm to detect local metrics regression. 
DeviceBatteryLevelChecker An ITargetPreparer that checks for a minimum battery charge, and waits for the battery to reach a second charging threshold if the minimum charge isn't present. 
DeviceBuildDescriptor A wrapper class for a IBuildInfo, that contains helper methods to retrieve device platform build information. 
DeviceBuildInfo A IBuildInfo that represents a complete Android device build and (optionally) its tests. 
DeviceBuildInfoInjector A ITargetPreparer that inserts DeviceBuildDescriptor metadata into the IBuildInfo
DeviceCleaner Performs reboot or format as cleanup action after test, and optionally turns screen off  
DeviceConcurrentUtil Contains utility methods and classes for concurrent device side command execution

Use ExecutorService to run commands implemented as DeviceConcurrentUtil.ShellCommandCallable, and use joinFuture(String, Future, long) for synchronization against the Future as returned by ExecutorService for the command execution. 

DeviceConcurrentUtil.ShellCommandCallable<V> A Callable that wraps the details of executing shell command on an ITestDevice
DeviceConfigurationHolder A concrete IDeviceConfiguration implementation that stores the loaded device configuration objects in its attributes. 
DeviceDiagTest A test that diagnoses the devices available to run tests. 
DeviceDisconnectedException Thrown when a device is no longer reachable via it's transport type. 
DeviceFailedToBootError Thrown if a device fails to boot after being flashed with a build. 
DeviceFatalError Thrown when a fatal error has occurred with device, and it should no longer be used for testing. 
DeviceFileReporter A utility class that checks the device for files and sends them to ITestLogger.testLog(String, LogDataType, InputStreamSource) if found. 
DeviceFlashPreparer A ITargetPreparer that flashes an image on physical Android hardware. 
DeviceFlashPreparer.EncryptionOptions Enum of options for handling the encryption of userdata image  
DeviceFolderBuildInfo A IDeviceBuildInfo that also contains other build artifacts contained in a directory on the local filesystem. 
DeviceJUnit4ClassRunner JUnit4 test runner that also accommodate IDeviceTest
DeviceJUnit4ClassRunner.LogAnnotation Fake annotation meant to carry logs to the reporters. 
DeviceJUnit4ClassRunner.MetricAnnotation Fake annotation meant to carry metrics to the reporters. 
DeviceJUnit4ClassRunner.TestLogData Implementation of ExternalResource and TestRule
DeviceJUnit4ClassRunner.TestMetrics Implementation of ExternalResource and TestRule
DeviceJUnit4ClassRunnerBuilder A RunnerBuilder that supplies DeviceJUnit4ClassRunners, specifically used for supplying runners for a LongevitySuite and LongevityHostRunner
DeviceMetricData Object to hold all the data collected by metric collectors. 
DeviceMonitorMultiplexer A proxy class to propagate requests to multiple IDeviceMonitors. 
DeviceNotAvailableException Thrown when a device is no longer available for testing. 
DeviceParameterizedRunner JUnit4 style parameterized runner for host-side driven parameterized tests. 
DeviceProperties Common constant definitions for device side property names  
DeviceRuntimeException Thrown when a device action did not results in the expected results. 
DeviceSelectionOptions Container for for device selection criteria. 
DeviceSettingChecker Check if device settings have changed during a module run. 
DeviceSetup A ITargetPreparer that configures a device for testing based on provided Options. 
DeviceStateMonitor Helper class for monitoring the state of a IDevice
DeviceStorageFiller Target preparer to fill up storage so some amount of free space is available. 
DeviceStringPusher Target preparer to write a string to a file. 
DeviceSuite Extends the JUnit4 container Suite in order to provide a ITestDevice to the tests that requires it. 
DeviceTestCase Helper JUnit test case that provides the IRemoteTest and IDeviceTest services. 
DeviceTestResult An specialization of TestResult that will abort when a DeviceNotAvailableException occurs  
DeviceTestRunOptions A builder class for options related to running device tests through BaseHostJUnit4Test. 
DeviceTestSuite Helper JUnit test suite that provides the IRemoteTest and IDeviceTest services. 
DeviceTracker Singleton class that tracks devices that have been remotely allocated. 
DeviceUnavailEmailResultReporter An EmailResultReporter that will send email when invocation fails due to a device not available exception. 
DeviceUnresponsiveException A specialization of DeviceNotAvailableException that indicates device is visible to adb, but is unresponsive (ie commands timing out, won't boot, etc)  
DeviceUtilStatsMonitor A IDeviceMonitor that calculates device utilization stats. 
DeviceUtilStatsMonitor.StubDeviceUtil Enum for configuring treatment of stub devices when calculating average host utilization  
DeviceUtilStatsMonitor.UtilizationDesc Container for utilization stats. 
DeviceWiper A ITargetPreparer that wipes userdata  
DirectedGraph<V> A directed unweighted graphs implementation. 
DryRunKeyStore A keystore for dry-run where any keystore value is always properly replaced and found. 
DumpHeapCollector A ScheduledDeviceMetricCollector to collect memory dumps of processes at regular intervals. 
DumpsysPackageReceiver Parser for 'adb shell dumpsys package' output. 


Email A helper class to send an email. 
EmailHostHealthAgent A IHostHealthAgent implementation to send email from Host monitor reports  
EmailResultReporter A simple result reporter base class that sends emails for test results. 
EmmaXmlConstants Constants used when parsing emma xml report. 
EmmaXmlReportParser Helper class used to parse the Emma code coverage xml report for the summary. 
EraseUserDataPreparer A ITargetPreparer that wipes user data on the device. 
ExistingBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that returns an already constructed IBuildInfo


FailureEmailResultReporter An EmailResultReporter that sends notifications if either a test failure or invocation failure occurred. 
FakeTest A fake test whose purpose is to make it easy to generate repeatable test results. 
FakeTestsZipFolder A testing fixture that creates a fake unzipped tests folder based on a list of content. 
FastbootDeviceFlasher A class that relies on fastboot to flash an image on physical Android hardware. 
FastbootHelper A helper class for fastboot operations. 
FatalHostError An exception that indicates a fatal unrecoverable error has occurred on the host machine running TradeFederation, and that the TradeFederation instance should be shut down. 
FileCleaner A ITargetCleaner that removes filesystem files on teardown  
FileDownloadCache A helper class that maintains a local filesystem LRU cache of downloaded files. 
FileDownloadCacheFactory A factory for creating FileDownloadCache  
FileDownloadCacheWrapper A wrapper class that provides FileDownloadCache facilities while implementing the IFileDownloader interface. 
FileEntryWrapper Implementation of a IFileEntry
FileInputStreamSource A InputStreamSource that takes an input file. 
FileLogger A ILeveledLogOutput that directs log messages to a file and to stdout. 
FileMetadataCollector A listener that collects and uploads metadata about saved log files. 
FilePullerDeviceMetricCollector A BaseDeviceMetricCollector that listen for metrics key coming from the device and pull them as a file from the device. 
FilePullerLogCollector Logger of the file reported by the device-side. 
FileSystemLogSaver Save logs to a file system. 
FileUtil A helper class for file related operations  
FileUtil.LowDiskSpaceException Thrown if usable disk space is below minimum threshold. 
FixedByteArrayOutputStream An in-memory OutputStream that only keeps a maximum amount of data. 
FlashingResourcesParser A class that parses out required versions of auxiliary image files needed to flash a device. 
FlashingResourcesParser.AndroidInfo A typedef for Map&lt;String, MultiMap&lt;String, String&gt;&gt;
FlashingResourcesParser.Constraint A filtering interface, intended to allow FlashingResourcesParser to ignore some resources that it otherwise might use  
FolderBuildInfo Concrete implementation of a IFolderBuildInfo
FolderSaver A ITargetCleaner that pulls directories off device, compresses and saves it into logging backend. 
FormattedGeneratorReporter Reporter that allows to generate reports in a particular format. 


GCSBucketUtil File manager to download and upload files from Google Cloud Storage (GCS). 
GCSConfigurationFactory A ConfigurationFactory loads configs from Google Cloud Storage. 
GCSConfigurationFactory.GCSConfigLoader Extension of ERROR(/ConfigLoader) that loads config from GCS, tracks the included configurations from one root config, and throws an exception on circular includes. 
GCSConfigurationServer Config server loads configs from Google Cloud Storage (GCS). 
GCSFileDownloader File downloader to download file from google cloud storage (GCS). 
GlobalConfiguration An IGlobalConfiguration implementation that stores the loaded config objects in a map  
GoogleBenchmarkResultParser Parses the results of Google Benchmark that run from shell, and return a map with all the results. 
GoogleBenchmarkTest A Test that runs a Google benchmark test package on given device. 
GranularRetriableTestWrapper A wrapper class works on the IRemoteTest to granulate the IRemoteTest in testcase level. 
GraphicsStatsMetricCollector A ScheduledDeviceMetricCollector to collect graphics stats at regular intervals. 
GTest A Test that runs a native test package on given device. 
GTestListTestParser A result parser for gtest dry run mode with "--gtest_list_tests" parameter. 
GTestResultParser Parses the 'raw output mode' results of native tests using GTest that run from shell, and informs a ITestInvocationListener of the results. 
GTestXmlResultParser Parses the 'xml output mode' results of native tests using GTest that run from shell, and informs a ITestRunListener of the results. 


HeapHostMonitor AbstractHostMonitor implementation that monitors the heap memory on the host and log it periodically to the history log. 
HelloWorldMultiTargetPreparer An example implementation of a IMultiTargetPreparer
HistoryLogger TF History Logger, special log that contains only some specific events. 
HostMetric This class represents a host metric sample to be reported. 
HostOptions Host options holder class. 
HostTest A test runner for JUnit host based tests. 
HprofAllocSiteParser Helper class to parse info from an Allocation Sites section of hprof reports. 
HttpHelper Contains helper methods for making http requests  
HttpHelper.RequestRunnable Runnable for making requests with IRunUtil.runEscalatingTimedRetry(long, long, long, long, IRunnableResult)
HttpMultipartPost Helper class for making multipart HTTP post requests. 


IAbi Interface representing the ABI under test. 
IAbiReceiver A test that needs the ABI under test. 
IAndroidDebugBridge Interface definition for AndroidDebugBridge methods used in this package. 
IAppBuildInfo * A IBuildInfo that represents an Android application and its test package(s). 
IBuildInfo Holds information about the build under test. 
IBuildInfo.BuildInfoProperties Some properties that a IBuildInfo can have to tweak some handling of it. 
IBuildProvider Responsible for providing info regarding the build under test. 
IBuildReceiver A test that needs reference to the build under test. 
ICommandListener Callback for command added to CommandScheduler
ICommandOptions Container for execution options for commands. 
ICommandScheduler A scheduler for running TradeFederation commands. 
ICommandScheduler.IScheduledInvocationListener Listener for invocation events when invocation completes. 
ICompressionStrategy An interface representing a compression algorithm that can be selected at runtime. 
IConfigDefLoader Interface for retrieving a ConfigurationDef. 
IConfiguration Configuration information for a TradeFederation invocation. 
IConfigurationFactory Factory for creating IConfigurations  
IConfigurationReceiver Simple interface to represent object that accepts an IConfiguration
IConfigurationServer An interface for config server. 
IDeviceBuildInfo A IBuildInfo that represents a complete Android device build and (optionally) its tests. 
IDeviceBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that uses information from a ITestDevice to retrieve a build. 
IDeviceConfiguration Device Configuration Holder Interface. 
IDeviceFlasher Flashes a device image on a device. 
IDeviceFlasher.UserDataFlashOption Enum of options for handling the userdata image  
IDeviceManager Interface for managing the set of available devices for testing. 
IDeviceManager.IFastbootListener A listener for fastboot state changes. 
IDeviceMonitor Interface for monitoring state of devices. 
IDeviceMonitor.DeviceLister A Runnable-like class that should return the known devices and their states. 
IDeviceRecovery Interface for recovering a device that has gone offline. 
IDeviceSelection Interface for device selection criteria. 
IDeviceStateMonitor Provides facilities for monitoring the state of a IDevice
IDeviceTest Interface for object that needs a reference to a ITestDevice
IDisableable Interface that describes a Tradefed object that can be disabled. 
IEmail Interface for sending email. 
IEmail.Message Container for email message data. 
IFileDownloader Interface for downloading a remote file. 
IFileEntry Interface definition that provides simpler, mockable contract to FileListingService.FileEntry methods. 
IFlashingResourcesParser Interface for providing required versions of auxiliary image files needed to flash a device. 
IFlashingResourcesRetriever Interface for retrieving auxiliary image files needed to flash a device. 
IFolderBuildInfo A simple abstract IBuildInfo whose build artifacts are containing in a local filesystem directory. 
IFormatterGenerator Interface describing a formatter for SuiteResultHolder
IGlobalConfiguration A class to encompass global configuration information for a single Trade Federation instance (encompassing any number of invocations of actual configurations). 
IHostCleaner Cleans up the host after the test run has finished. 
IHostHealthAgent An interface to emit host or device metrics. 
IHostMonitor Interface to dispatch host data  
IHostMonitor.HostDataPoint Generic class for data to be reported. 
IHostOptions Host options holder interface. 
IHttpHelper Helper methods for performing http requests. 
IInvocationContext Holds information about the Invocation for the tests to access if needed. 
IInvocationContextReceiver A test that needs reference to the context of the invocation. 
IKernelBuildInfo A IBuildInfo that represents a kernel build. 
IKeyStoreClient Interface to access a key store for password or sensitive data. 
IKeyStoreFactory Factory for creating IKeyStoreClient
ILeveledLogOutput Classes which implement this interface provides methods that deal with outputting log messages. 
ILogcatReceiver A class that provides the output of a device's logcat as an InputStreamSource
ILogRegistry An interface for a Log.ILogOutput singleton logger that multiplexes and manages different loggers. 
ILogRegistry.EventType Events that are useful to be logged  
ILogSaver Classes which implement this interface provide methods for storing logs to a central location. 
ILogSaverListener Allows for ITestInvocationListeners to listen for when log files are saved. 
IManagedTestDevice A ITestDevice whose lifecycle is managed. 
IManagedTestDevice.DeviceEventResponse Container for a response to a IManagedTestDevice.handleAllocationEvent(DeviceEvent) call  
IManagedTestDeviceFactory Creator interface for IManagedTestDevices  
IMetricCollector This interface will be added as a decorator when reporting tests results in order to collect matching metrics. 
IMetricCollectorReceiver Interface for IRemoteTests to implement if they need to get the list of IMetricCollectors for the test run. 
IModuleController Interface for controlling if a module should be executed or not. 
IModuleController.RunStrategy Enum describing how the module should be executed. 
IMultiDeviceRecovery Interface for recovering multiple offline devices. 
IMultiDeviceTest A test that needs reference to all the ITestDevice and their associated IBuildInfo

Most tests should not have a dependency on the build-under-test, and should rely on ITargetPreparers to prepare the test environment. 

IMultiTargetPreparer Prepares the test environment for several devices together. 
INativeDevice Provides an reliable and slightly higher level API to a ddmlib IDevice
INativeDeviceTest Interface for object that needs a reference to a INativeDevice
InputStreamSource This interface basically wraps an InputStream to make it clonable. 
InstallAllTestZipAppsSetup A ITargetPreparer that installs all apps in a test zip. 
InstallApkSetup A ITargetPreparer that installs one or more apks located on the filesystem. 
InstallBuildEnvApkSetup A ITargetPreparer that installs one or more test apks from an Android platform build env. 
InstalledInstrumentationsTest Runs all instrumentation found on current device. 
InstrumentationFileTest Runs a set of instrumentation tests by specifying a list of line separated test classes and methods in a file pushed to device (expected format:

Note: Requires a runner that supports test execution from a file. 

InstrumentationPreparer A ITargetPreparer that runs instrumentation  
InstrumentationSerialTest A Test that runs a set of instrumentation tests by running one adb command for per test. 
InstrumentationTest A Test that runs an instrumentation test package on given device. 
InstrumentationTest.FailedTestLogcatGenerator A ResultForwarder that will forward a logcat snapshot on each failed test. 
InstrumentationTest.FailedTestScreenshotGenerator A ResultForwarder that will forward a screenshot on test failures. 
InstrumentationTestDef Container object for a single test def's data  
InvocationContext Generic implementation of a IInvocationContext
InvocationExecution Class that describes all the invocation steps: build download, target_prep, run tests, clean up. 
InvocationFailureEmailResultReporter An EmailResultReporter that can also restrict notifications to just invocation failures. 
InvocationScope Scopes a single Tradefed invocation. 
InvocationScopeModule Guice module that can be used anywhere in a TF invocation to requests the Guice-Tradefed supported objects. 
InvocationStatus A helper enum to represent the invocation status  
InvocationSummaryHelper Helper class for gathering and reporting TestSummary for set of listeners  
InvocationToJUnitResultForwarder A class that listens to ITestInvocationListener events and forwards them to a TestListener
InvocationToJUnitResultForwarder.TestIdentifierResult A class that converts a TestDescription to a JUnit Test

TODO: The JUnit TestListener seems to assume a descriptive interface of some sort for Test, that is not in its defined methods. 

IonHeapInfoMetricCollector A ScheduledDeviceMetricCollector to collect audio and system memory heaps at regular intervals. 
IRemoteTest A test that reports results directly to a ITestInvocationListener
IRescheduler Interface for rescheduling a config for future execution. 
IResumableTest An IRemoteTest that supports resuming a previous aborted test run from where it left off. 
IRetriableTest A IRemoteTest that supports retrying if the test aborted before completion. 
IRunUtil Interface for running timed operations and system commands. 
IRunUtil.EnvPriority Enum that defines whether setting or unsetting a particular env. 
IRunUtil.IRunnableResult An interface for asynchronously executing an operation that returns a boolean status. 
ISandbox Interface defining a sandbox that can be used to run an invocation. 
ISdkBuildInfo A IBuildInfo that represents an extracted Android SDK and tests. 
ISetOptionReceiver Implementation of this interface should have an Option with a "set-option" name linked to HostTest.SET_OPTION_NAME
IShardableListener A ITestInvocationListener that can be sharded. 
IShardableTest A IRemoteTest that can be split into separately executable sub-tests. 
IShardHelper Interface of an object that describes the sharding strategy to adopt for a configuration. 
IStrictShardableTest A IRemoteTest that can be sharded into separately executable sub-tests. 
ISystemStatusChecker An checker that performs checks on system status and returns a boolean to indicate if the system is in an expected state. 
ISystemStatusCheckerReceiver A IRemoteTest that requires access to the ISystemStatusChecker from the configuration. 
ITargetCleaner Cleans up the target device after the test run has finished. 
ITargetPreparer Prepares the test environment for the test run. 
ITerribleFailureHandler An interface to handle terrible failures from, Throwable)
ITestAnnotationFilterReceiver A runner that can filter which tests to run based on annotations. 
ITestCollector Provides support for test collection; when set, test runner must perform a dry run to collect test cases without actually executing them. 
ITestDevice Provides an reliable and slightly higher level API to a ddmlib IDevice
ITestDevice.MountPointInfo A simple struct class to store information about a single mountpoint  
ITestDeviceMutator An interface allowing manipulation of the IManagedTestDevice
ITestFileFilterReceiver A runner that can receive a file specifying which tests to run and/or not to run. 
ITestFilterReceiver A runner that can filter which tests to run. 
ITestInvocation Handles one TradeFederation test invocation. 
ITestInvocationListener Listener for test results from the test invocation. 
ITestLifeCycleReceiver Receives event notifications during instrumentation test runs. 
ITestLogger An entity that can perform logging of data streams of various types. 
ITestLoggerReceiver An entity that can be injected with an ITestLogger instance so that it can be used for logging purposes. 
ITestSuite Abstract class used to run Test Suite. 
ITestsZipInstaller Installs tests from a tests zip file (as outputted by the build system) on a device. 
IWifiHelper Helper interface for manipulating wifi services on device. 
IWifiHelper.WifiState The Wifi supplicant state. 


JacocoCodeCoverageReportFormat The output formats supported by the jacoco code coverage report tool. 
JacocoCodeCoverageTest An IRemoteTest that generates a code coverage report by generating build.xml on the fly and executing the ant command. 
JSONFileKeyStoreClient A sample implementation where a local JSON file acts a key store. 
JSONFileKeyStoreFactory Implementation of a JSON KeyStore Factory, which provides a JSONFileKeyStoreClient for accessing a JSON Key Store File. 
JsonHttpTestResultReporter A result reporter that encode test metrics results and branch, device info into JSON and POST into an HTTP service endpoint  
JUnit4ResultForwarder Result forwarder from JUnit4 Runner. 
JUnit4TestFilter Helper Class that provides the filtering for JUnit4 runner by extending the Filter
JUnitRunUtil A helper class for directing a call to a call. 
JUnitToInvocationResultForwarder A class that listens to TestListener events and forwards them to an ITestInvocationListener
JUnitXmlParser Parser that extracts test result data from JUnit results stored in ant's XMLJUnitResultFormatter and forwards it to a ITestInvocationListener. 


KernelBuildInfo A IBuildInfo that represents a kernel build. 
KernelDeviceBuildInfo A IBuildInfo that represents a kernel build paired with a complete Android build. 
KernelFlashPreparer A ITargetPreparer that flashes a kernel on the device. 
KeyguardControllerState A container for the keyguard states. 
KeyguardStatusChecker Checks the keyguard status after module execution. 
KeyStoreException Thrown when a fatal key store error happens. 
KeyValueConfigPreparer A ITargetPreparer which creates and pushes a simple key/value config file to the device. 


LargeOutputReceiver A class designed to help run long running commands collect output. 
LegacySubprocessResultsReporter A class for freezed subprocess results reporter which is compatible with M & N version of CTS. 
ListInstrumentationParser A IShellOutputReceiver that parses the output of a 'pm list instrumentation' query  
LocalAppBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that constructs a IAppBuildInfo based on a provided local path  
LocalDeviceBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that constructs a IDeviceBuildInfo based on a provided filesystem directory path. 
LocalFolderBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that constructs a IFolderBuildInfo based on a provided local path  
LocalSdkAvdPreparer A ITargetPreparer that will create an avd and launch an emulator  
LocalSdkBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that constructs a ISdkBuildInfo based on a provided local path  
LogcatCrashResultForwarder Special listener: on failures (instrumentation process crashing) it will attempt to extract from the logcat the crash and adds it to the failure message associated with the test. 
LogcatReceiver Class that collects logcat in background. 
LogcatUpdaterEventParser Parse logcat input for system updater related events. 
LogcatUpdaterEventParser.AsyncUpdaterEvent A monitor object which allows callers to receive events asynchronously. 
LogDataType Represents the data type of log data. 
LogFile Class to hold the metadata for a saved log file. 
LogFileSaver A helper for ITestInvocationListener's that will save log data to a file  
LogFilesReporter Helper test component that pulls files located on a device and adds them to the test logs. 
LogRegistry A ILogRegistry implementation that multiplexes and manages different loggers, using the appropriate one based on the ThreadGroup of the thread making the call. 
LogSaverResultForwarder A ResultForwarder for saving logs with the global file saver. 
LogUtil A logging utility class. 
LogUtil.CLog A shim class for Log that automatically uses the simple classname of the caller as the log tag  
LongevityHostRunner A JUnit4-based Runner that composes tests run with DeviceJUnit4ClassRunner into a LongevitySuite, which runs tests repeatedly to induce stress and randomness. 


ManagedDeviceList A thread-safe data structure that holds all devices known to DeviceManager
ManagedTestDeviceFactory Factory to create the different kind of devices that can be monitored by Tf  
MemInfoMetricCollector A ScheduledDeviceMetricCollector to collect memory dumps at regular intervals. 
MergeMultiBuildTargetPreparer A IMultiTargetPreparer that allows to pass information from one build to another by naming them and the file key to copy to the other build. 
MetricOption Annotation for test methods annotated with @Test, or if the annotation is part of the annotation list of TestDescription that allows to specify some extra parameters useful for: Tuning the behavior of the collectors, filtering some methods. 
Metrics A metrics object to hold run metrics and test metrics parsed by MetricsXmlParser  
Metrics.MetricsException Throw when metrics validation fails in strict mode. 
MetricsXmlParser Parser that extracts test metrics result data generated by MetricsXMLResultReporter
MetricsXmlParser.ParseException Thrown when MetricsXmlParser fails to parse a metrics xml file. 
MetricsXMLResultReporter MetricsXMLResultReporter writes test metrics and run metrics to an XML file in a folder specified by metrics-folder parameter at the invocationEnded phase of the test. 
MetricTestCase Extension of TestCase that allows to log metrics when running as part of TradeFed. 
MetricTestCase.LogHolder Structure to hold a log file to be reported. 
ModuleDefinition Container for the test run configuration. 
ModuleListener Listener attached to each IRemoteTest of each module in order to collect the list of results. 
ModuleMerger Helper class for operation related to merging ITestSuite and ModuleDefinition after a split. 
ModuleSplitter Helper to split a list of modules represented by IConfiguration into a list of execution units represented by ModuleDefinition
MultiMap<K, V> A Map that supports multiple values per key. 


NameMangleListener A proxy listener to translate test method, class, and package names as results are reported. 
NativeBenchmarkTest A Test that runs a native benchmark test executable on given device. 
NativeBenchmarkTestParser A IShellOutputReceiver that parses the benchmark test data output, collecting metrics on average time per operation. 
NativeBridgeModuleController A module controller to check if a device support native bridge. 
NativeDevice Default implementation of a ITestDevice Non-full stack android devices. 
NativeDevice.AdbAction A NativeDevice.DeviceAction for running a OS 'adb ....' command. 
NativeDevice.DeviceAction Interface for a generic device communication attempt. 
NativeDeviceStateMonitor Helper class for monitoring the state of a IDevice with no framework support. 
NativeLeakCollector A ITargetCleaner that runs 'dumpsys meminfo --unreachable -a' to identify the unreachable native memory currently held by each process. 
NativeStressTest A Test that runs a native stress test executable on given device. 
NativeStressTestParser A IShellOutputReceiver that parses the stress test data output, collecting metrics on number of iterations complete and average time per iteration. 
NetworkNotAvailableException Thrown when a device is not able to connect to network for testing. 
NoDeviceException Thrown when there's no device to execute a given command. 
NoisyDryRunTest Run noisy dry run on a command file. 
NullDevice A placeholder IDevice used by DeviceManager to allocate when IDeviceSelection.nullDeviceRequested() is true  
NullUtil A class with utility functions to help with dealing with null  


Option Annotates a field as representing a IConfiguration option. 
OptionClass Annotates a class as representing a IConfiguration object. 
OptionCopier A helper class that can copy Option field values with same names from one object to another. 
OptionNotAllowedException Specific ConfigurationException when an option is not allowed to be passed in the command line. 
OptionSetter Populates Option fields. 
OptionUpdateRule Controls the behavior when an option is specified multiple times. 
OtaDeviceBuildInfo A IDeviceBuildInfo used for over-the-air update testing. 
OtatoolsBuildInfo An IBuildInfo that contains otatools artifacts. 
OtaToolsDeviceBuildInfo An OtaDeviceBuildInfo that also contains an otatools directory. 
OtaZipfileBuildProvider Provides a IBuildInfo based on a local OTA zip file. 


PackageInfo Container for an application's package info parsed from device. 
PagetypeInfoMetricCollector A ScheduledDeviceMetricCollector to collect free page counts at regular intervals. 
Pair<A, B> Define our own Pair class which contains two objects. 
PreloadedClassesPreparer A ITargetPreparer that replaces the preloaded classes file on a device. 
PrettyTestEventLogger Logger matching the events and logging them in order to make it easier to debug. 
ProcessInfo Used to store process related(USER, PID and NAME) information. 
ProcessMaxMemoryCollector A ScheduledDeviceMetricCollector to measure peak memory usage of specified processes. 
PropertyChanger A utility class for changing (or adding) items in an Android property file  
PsParser Utility used to parse(USER,PID and NAME) from the "ps" command output  
PushFileInvoker A ITargetPreparer that pushes files from tests zip onto device, mark them as executable and invokes the binary or script on device. 
PushFilePreparer A ITargetPreparer that attempts to push any number of files from any host path to any device path. 
PythonBinaryHostTest Host test meant to run a python binary file from the Android Build system (Soong)  
PythonBinaryHostTest.PythonForwarder Result forwarder to replace the run name by the binary name. 
PythonUnitTestResultParser Interprets the output of tests run with Python's unittest framework and translates it into calls on a series of ITestInvocationListeners. 
PythonUnitTestRunner Runs Python tests written with the unittest library. 
PythonVirtualenvPreparer Sets up a Python virtualenv on the host and installs packages. 




RebootTargetPreparer Target preparer that reboots the device. 
ReconnectingRecovery Recovers a device by re-establishing a TCP connection via the adb server on the host. 
RegexTrie<V> The RegexTrie is a trie where each stored segment of the key is a regex Pattern
RegexTrie.CompPattern Patterns aren't comparable by default, which prevents you from retrieving them from a HashTable. 
RemoteAndroidDevice Implementation of a ITestDevice for a full stack android device connected via adb connect. 
RemoteManager Class that receives RemoteOperations via a socket. 
RemoveSystemAppPreparer A ITargetPreparer for removing an apk from the system partition before a test run. 
RestartSystemServerTargetPreparer Target preparer that restarts the system server without rebooting the device. 
ResultForwarder A ITestInvocationListener that forwards invocation results to a list of other listeners. 
RetentionFileSaver Helper class for creating a .retention file in a directory. 
RetryingWaitDeviceRecovery A WaitDeviceRecovery which retries its recovery step either indefinitely or for a certain number of iterations. 
RootTargetPreparer Target preparer that performs "adb root". 
RunHostCommandTargetPreparer Target preparer to run arbitrary host commands before and after running the test. 
RunHostCommandTargetPreparer.BgCommandLog An interface simply wraps the OutputStream and InputStreamSource for the background command log. 
RunInterruptedException Thrown when a run operation is interrupted by an external request. 
RunUtil A collection of helper methods for executing operations. 


SandboxConfigDump Runner class that creates a IConfiguration based on a command line and dump it to a file. 
SandboxConfigurationException Special Configuration Exception coming from the Sandbox setup. 
SandboxConfigurationFactory Special Configuration factory to handle creation of configurations for Sandboxing purpose. 
SandboxConfigUtil A utility class for managing IConfiguration when doing sandboxing. 
SandboxedInvocationExecution Special sandbox execution of the invocation: This is the InvocationExection for when we are inside the sandbox running the command. 
SandboxInvocationRunner Run the tests associated with the invocation in the sandbox. 
SandboxOptions Class that can receive and provide options to a ISandbox
ScheduledDeviceMetricCollector A IMetricCollector that allows to run a collection task periodically at a set interval. 
ScheduleMultipleDeviceMetricCollector A IMetricCollector that makes runs multiple metric collectors periodically. 
SdkAvdPreparer A ITargetPreparer that will create an avd and launch an emulator  
SdkBuildInfo Implementation of a ISdkBuildInfo  
SdkFolderBuildInfo A IBuildInfo that represents an extracted Android SDK and tests and additional build artifacts that are contained in a local file system directory. 
SerializationUtil Utility to serialize/deserialize an object that implements Serializable
ShardBuildCloner Helper class that handles cloning a build info from the command line. 
ShardHelper Helper class that handles creating the shards and scheduling them for an invocation. 
ShardListener A ITestInvocationListener that collects results from a invocation shard (aka an invocation split to run on multiple resources in parallel), and forwards them to another listener. 
ShardMasterResultForwarder A ResultForwarder that combines the results of a sharded test invocations. 
SimplePerfResult Object to hold all simpleperf test results 
SimplePerfStatResultParser A utility class to parse simpleperf result. 
SimplePerfUtil Utility class to dispatch simple command and collect results 
SimplePerfUtil.SimplePerfType Enum of simpleperf command options  
SimpleStats A small utility class that calculates a few statistical measures given a numerical dataset. 
SizeLimitedOutputStream A thread safe file backed OutputStream that limits the maximum amount of data that can be written. 
Sl4aClient Sl4A client to interact via RPC with SL4A scripting layer. 
Sl4aEventDispatcher Event dispatcher polls for event and queue them by name to be queried. 
Sl4aEventDispatcher.EventSl4aObject Object returned by the event poller. 
SnapshotInputStreamSource A File-backed InputStreamSource. 
StatusCheckerResult Contains the result of a ISystemStatusChecker execution. 
StdoutLogger A ILeveledLogOutput that directs log messages to stdout. 
StopServicesSetup A ITargetPreparer that stops services on the device. 
StreamUtil Utility class for managing input streams. 
StrictShardHelper Sharding strategy to create strict shards that do not report together,  
StringEscapeUtils Utility class for escaping strings for specific formats. 
StubBuildProvider No-op empty implementation of a IBuildProvider
StubDevice Stub placeholder implementation of a IDevice
StubKeyStoreClient Default stub implementation for KeyStore Client. 
StubKeyStoreFactory Default stub implementation for KeyStore Factory  
StubMultiTargetPreparer Placeholder empty implementation of a IMultiTargetPreparer
StubTargetPreparer Placeholder empty implementation of a ITargetPreparer
StubTest No-op empty test implementation. 
StubTestRunListener Stub implementation of ITestRunListener  
SubprocessEventHelper Helper to serialize/deserialize the events to be passed to the log. 
SubprocessEventHelper.BaseTestEventInfo Base Helper for TestIgnored information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.FailedTestEventInfo Helper for testFailed information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.InvocationFailedEventInfo Helper for InvocationFailed information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.InvocationStartedEventInfo Helper for invocation started information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.LogAssociationEventInfo Helper for logAssociation information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.TestEndedEventInfo Helper for testEnded information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.TestLogEventInfo Helper for testLog information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.TestModuleStartedEventInfo Helper for test module started information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.TestRunEndedEventInfo Helper for testRunEnded Information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.TestRunFailedEventInfo Helper for testRunFailed information  
SubprocessEventHelper.TestRunStartedEventInfo Helper for testRunStarted information  
SubprocessEventHelper.TestStartedEventInfo Helper for testStarted information  
SubprocessResultsReporter Implements ITestInvocationListener to be specified as a result_reporter and forward from the subprocess the results of tests, test runs, test invocations. 
SubprocessTestResultsParser Extends FileOutputStream to parse the output before writing to the file so we can generate the test events on the launcher side. 
SubprocessTestResultsParser.EventHandler Interface for event handling  
SubprocessTestResultsParser.StatusKeys Relevant test status keys. 
SubprocessTfLauncher A IRemoteTest for running tests against a separate TF installation. 
SuiteApkInstaller Installs specified APKs for Suite configuration: either from $ANDROID_TARGET_OUT_TESTCASES variable or the ROOT_DIR in build info. 
SuiteModuleLoader Retrieves Compatibility test module definitions from the repository. 
SuiteModuleLoader.ConfigFilter A FilenameFilter to find all the config files in a directory. 
SuiteResultHolder Helper object to ease up serializing and deserializing the invocation results. 
SuiteResultReporter Collect test results for an entire suite invocation and output the final results. 
SuiteResultReporter.ModulePrepTimes Object holder for the preparation and tear down time of one module. 
SuiteTestFilter Represents a filter for including and excluding tests. 
SystemServerFileDescriptorChecker Checks if system server appears to be running out of FDs. 
SystemServerStatusChecker Check if the pid of system_server has changed from before and after a module run. 
SystemUpdaterDeviceFlasher A IDeviceFlasher that relies on the system updater to install a system image bundled in a OTA update package. 
SystemUtil Utility class for making system calls. 


TableBuilder Helper class to display a matrix of String elements in a table. 
TableFormatter Helper class to display a matrix of String elements so each element column is lined up  
TargetSetupError A fatal error occurred while preparing the target for testing. 
TarUtil Utility to manipulate a tar file. 
TcpDevice A placeholder IDevice used by DeviceManager to allocate when DeviceSelectionOptions.tcpDeviceRequested() is true  
TearDownPassThroughPreparer Allows for running tearDown on preparers that are included in a config as an object. 
TemperatureCollector A ScheduledDeviceMetricCollector to measure min and max device temperature. 
TemperatureThrottlingWaiter An ITargetPreparer that waits until device's temperature gets down to target  
TemplateResolutionError Class extending ConfigurationException for template related error during configuration parsing. 
TerribleFailureEmailHandler A simple handler class that sends an email to interested people when a WTF (What a Terrible Failure) error occurs within a Trade Federation instance. 
TestAppInstallSetup A ITargetPreparer that installs one or more apps from a IDeviceBuildInfo.getTestsDir() folder onto device. 
TestDescription Class representing information about a test case. 
TestDevice Implementation of a ITestDevice for a full stack android device  
TestDeviceMutator Default implementation of ITestDeviceMutator  
TestDeviceOptions Container for ITestDevice Options  
TestDeviceState A more fully featured representation of device state than IDevice.DeviceState
TestFailureEmailResultReporter An EmailResultReporter that can also restrict notifications to just test failures. 
TestFailureListener Listener used to take action such as screenshot, bugreport, logcat collection upon a test failure when requested. 
TestFailureModuleController Controller for module that simply want to tune how the tests failures log collected are behaving. 
TestFilePushSetup A ITargetPreparer that pushes one or more files/dirs from a IDeviceBuildInfo.getTestsDir() folder onto device. 
TestFilterHelper Helper class for filtering tests  
TestInvocation Default implementation of ITestInvocation
TestLoader A class for loading all JUnit3 tests in a jar file  
TestMapping A class for loading a TEST_MAPPING file. 
TestMapping.TestInfo Stores the test information set in a TEST_MAPPING file. 
TestMapping.TestOption Stores the test option details set in a TEST_MAPPING file. 
TestMappingSuiteRunner Implementation of BaseTestSuite to run tests specified by option include-filter, or TEST_MAPPING files from build, as a suite. 
TestResult Container for a result of a single test. 
TestRunResult Holds results from a single test run. 
TestRunToTestInvocationForwarder Forwarder from ddmlib ITestRunListener to ITestLifeCycleReceiver
TestsPoolPoller Tests wrapper that allow to execute all the tests of a pool of tests. 
TestSuiteInfo A class that resolves loading of build related metadata for test suite

To properly expose related info, a test suite must include a file in its jar resources  

TestSummary A class to represent a test summary. 
TestSystemAppInstallSetup A ITargetPreparer that installs one or more apps from a IDeviceBuildInfo.getTestsDir() folder onto the /system partition on device. 
TextResultReporter A test result reporter that forwards results to the JUnit text result printer. 
TfMetricProtoUtil Utility class to help with the Map to Map transition. 
TfSuiteRunner Implementation of ITestSuite which will load tests from TF jars res/config/suite/ folder. 
TfTestLauncher A IRemoteTest for running unit or functional tests against a separate TF installation. 
TimeSetterTargetPreparer Target preparer to restore the correct time to the device on cleanup. 
TimeStatusChecker Status checker to ensure that the device and host time are kept in sync. 
TimeUtil Contains time related utility methods. 
TimeVal This is a sentinel type which wraps a Long
TimeWaster A simple target preparer to waste time and potentially restart the device. 
TopHelper Helper class which runs top continuously on an ITestDevice and parses the output. 
TopHelper.PercentCategory Enum used for distinguishing between the various percentages in the top output. 
TopHelper.TopReceiver Receiver which parses the output from top. 
TopHelper.TopStats Class for holding the parsed output for a single top output. 
TraceCmdCollector A IMetricCollector that collects traces during the test using trace-cmd, and logs them to the invocation. 
TraceMetricCollector A ScheduledDeviceMetricCollector to collect kernel debug trace at regular intervals. 
TradefedSandbox Sandbox container that can run a Trade Federation invocation. 
TradefedSandboxRunner Runner associated with a TradefedSandbox that will allow executing the sandbox. 
TradefedSandboxRunner.StubScheduledInvocationListener A stub ICommandScheduler.IScheduledInvocationListener that does nothing. 


UiAutomatorRunner Runs UI Automator test on device and reports results. 
UniqueMultiMap<K, V> A MultiMap that ensures unique values for each key. 
UpdaterEventType Event types for LogcatUpdaterEventParser


ValidateSuiteConfigHelper This class will help validating that the IConfiguration loaded for the suite are meeting the expected requirements: - No Build providers - No Result reporters  
Verify Alternate Trade Federation entrypoint to validate command files  
VersionedFile Data structure representing a file that has an associated version. 
VersionedTfLauncher A IRemoteTest for running tests against a separate TF installation. 


WaitDeviceRecovery A simple implementation of a IDeviceRecovery that waits for device to be online and respond to simple commands. 
WaitForDeviceDatetimePreparer A ITargetPreparer that waits for datetime to be set on device

Optionally this preparer can force a TargetSetupError if datetime is not set within timeout, or force host datetime onto device,  

WifiHelper Helper class for manipulating wifi services on device. 
WifiPreparer A ITargetPreparer that configures wifi on the device if necessary. 


XmlDefsParser Parses a test_defs.xml file. 
XmlDefsTest Runs a set of instrumentation test's defined in test_defs.xml files. 
XmlFormattedGeneratorReporter Implementation of the FormattedGeneratorReporter which format the suite results in an xml format. 
XmlResultReporter Writes JUnit results to an XML files in a format consistent with Ant's XMLJUnitResultFormatter. 
XmlRpcHelper A mechanism to simplify writing XmlRpc. 
XmlSuiteResultFormatter Utility class to save a suite run as an XML. 


ZipCompressionStrategy An ICompressionStrategy for creating zip archives. 
ZipUtil A helper class for compression-related operations  
ZipUtil2 A helper class for zip extraction that takes POSIX file permissions into account