Implement storaged

Android 8 adds support for storaged, an Android native daemon that collects and publishes storage metrics on Android devices.

  • For daily diskstats, storaged periodically parses /sys/block/mmcblk0/stat (eMMC storage devices) or /sys/block/sda/stat (non-eMMC devices).
  • For eMMC lifetime, storaged parses /d/mmc0/mmc0:001/ext_csd (if available).
  • For app I/O blaming, storaged periodically traverses /proc/uid_io/stats and maintains parsed data, which includes data from all apps (not just running apps). dumpsys can call storaged to log the app I/O usage in a bug report.

Diskstat (including stalled diskstats) and eMMC information is logged to the Android event log, where a platform checkin service collects the logs.

storaged operations occur automatically and are handled entirely by the Android framework, so you don't need to do any implementation work. This page describes the design of storaged (including new interfaces) and how to use it to get I/O status from the kernel.

storaged design

For accounting and permission flexibility, storaged is implemented as a kernel module that returns per-uid I/O information (instead of using standard proc/PID/io). Raw I/O data for each I/O request continues to be stored and updated in kernel task_struct, and the kernel keeps track of when a process exits so it doesn't miss I/O usage that occurs from the last storaged polling event.

The module reads raw data and processes it only when the framework notifies it of a uid foreground/background switch or when the storaged daemon requests a report. At that time, the module exports a file node from kernel for communication with framework and storaged daemon.

storaged introduces the /proc/uid_io/stats interface, which returns a list of I/O stats for each UID in the system. The format is:

<uid>: <foreground read bytes> <foreground write bytes> <foreground read chars> <foreground write chars> <background read bytes> <background write bytes> <background read chars> <background write chars>
  • read/write bytes are I/O events from a storage device.
  • read/write chars (also in bytes) are data requested by read/write syscalls.

Get I/O status from the kernel

To dump I/O usage from the kernel, use the storaged command with the -u option.

Command: storaged -u

Command output format: name/uid fg_rchar fg_wchar fg_rbytes fg_wbytes bg_rchar bg_wchar bg_rbytes bg_wbytes fg_fsync bg_fsync

Note: This output is similar to the output for proc/uid_io/stats. This is because storaged processes data from /proc/uid_io/stats and generates its own data.

Example output:  2269  60  0  0  1719845663  143912573  149065728  184180736  2170  60  0  0  219904796  38693092  174436352  18944000