Trade Federation Global Configuration

The Trade Federation (TF) Global Configuration is a file that is loaded once upon TF initialization. This configuration file is used to define the environment for that instance of TF.

Load the Global Configuration file

The TF Global Configuration file is an XML file and can be specified by setting the local environment variable TF_GLOBAL_CONFIG. If TF_GLOBAL_CONFIG is not specified, TF will try to locate a file named tf_global_config.xml in its current working path. If that fails, TF will load the default Global Configuration file. For example, you can launch TF with your custom global configuration via the following command:


Example Global Configuration file

<configuration description="Example Global Config">
  <device_manager class="">
    <option name="max-null-devices" value="10" />

The example above sets the number of "null-device" placeholders to 10 instead of the default value define in the DeviceManager.