Android Health

The Android Health module manages and accesses health data in Android, so developers can focus on providing value to users.


  • Users want to see all of their health and wellness information in one place.
  • Developers find it difficult to integrate with health platforms on Android due to significant ecosystem fragmentation.

Module boundary

This module is available in Android 14 and higher. All the files and directories under packages/modules/HealthFitness are in the Android Health module scope.

Package format

The Android Health module (packages.modules.HealthFitness) is an APK in APEX format and available for Android 14 and higher.


If you customize Android Health, you must ensure your implementation meets the dependency associated with your customization.

If you develop your own health data management settings screens, expect these requirements to be updated and amended for each major Android platform release.


You can override themes and resources using resource overlays.

You can provide your own data management UI using the APIs exposed by the Android Health module.