Android settings menu

This section describes the options available to you for implementing and customizing the Android settings menu.

Settings home screen

In Android 7.0 and higher, the Settings home page is enhanced with suggested settings and customizable status notifications. The feature is implemented automatically, and device implementers can configure it.

The source code for these enhancements is in these files:

Android settings design guidelines

This documentation highlights the principles and guidelines for anyone who is either designing Android platform settings or any developers designing settings for their Android app.

Patterns and components

In Android 8.0, the Settings menu gained several components and widgets that cover common uses. Device manufacturers and developers are encouraged to use the common components when extending the Settings app so new user interfaces stay consistent with the existing Settings UI.

Information architecture

Android 8.0 introduced a new information architecture for the Settings app to simplify the way settings are organized and make it easier for users to quickly find settings to customize their Android devices. Android 9 introduced some improvements to provide more Settings functionality and easier implementation.

Personalized settings

The Android Settings app provides a list of suggestions to the users in Android 8.0. These suggestions typically promote features of the phone, and they are customizable (e.g., "Set Do Not Disturb schedule" or "Turn on Wi-Fi Calling").

Android 8.0 adds expanded search capabilities for the Settings menu. This document describes how to add a setting and ensure it is properly indexed for Settings search.