IInvocationContext Holds information about the Invocation for the tests to access if needed. 
IInvocationExecution Interface describing the actions that will be done as part of an invocation. 
IRescheduler Interface for rescheduling a config for future execution. 
ITestInvocation Handles one TradeFederation test invocation. 


ConditionFailureMonitor Monitor for any failures from the invocation. 
DelegatedInvocationExecution InvocationExecution which delegate the execution to another Tradefed binary. 
DeviceUnavailableMonitor This listener attempts to capture a test case level DNAE only. 
ExecutionFiles Files dependencies generated during the execution of a test or invocation that need to be carried for testing. 
ExecutionProperties Properties generated during the execution of a test or invocation. 
InvocationContext Generic implementation of a IInvocationContext
InvocationExecution Class that describes all the invocation steps: build download, target_prep, run tests, clean up. 
ITestInvocation.ExitInformation Represents some exit information for an invocation. 
RemoteInvocationExecution Implementation of InvocationExecution that drives a remote execution. 
ShardListener A ITestInvocationListener that collects results from a invocation shard (aka an invocation split to run on multiple resources in parallel), and forwards them to another listener. 
ShardMainResultForwarder A ResultForwarder that combines the results of a sharded test invocations. 
TestInformation Holder object that contains all the information and dependencies a test runner or test might need to execute properly. 
TestInformation.Builder Builder to create a TestInformation instance. 
TestInvocation Default implementation of ITestInvocation
UnexecutedTestReporterThread Threads that takes care of reporting all unexecuted tests. 


ExecutionFiles.FilesKey Enumeration of known standard key for the map. 
TestInvocation.RunMode The different mode an invocation can run into.