Data Structures

Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
o C __attribute__
o C _bluetooth_sdp_hdr
o C _bluetooth_sdp_hdr_overlay
o C _bluetooth_sdp_mas_record
o C _bluetooth_sdp_mns_record
o C _bluetooth_sdp_ops_record
o C _bluetooth_sdp_pce_record
o C _bluetooth_sdp_pse_record
o C _bluetooth_sdp_sap_record
o C _timeb
o C activity_event
o C activity_recognition_callback_procs
o C activity_recognition_device
o C activity_recognition_module
o C additional_info_event_t
o C AGpsCallbacks
o C AGpsInterface
o C AGpsInterface_v1
o C AGpsRefLocation
o C AGpsRefLocationCellID
o C AGpsRefLocationMac
o C AGpsRilCallbacks
o C AGpsRilInterface
o C AGpsStatus
o C AGpsStatus_v1
o C AGpsStatus_v2
o C alloc_device_t
o C apps_disable_request_t
o C apps_enable_request_t
o C audio_buffer_s
o C audio_effect_library_s
o C audio_hw_device
o C audio_module
o C audio_policy
o C audio_policy_device
o C audio_policy_module
o C audio_policy_service_ops
o C audio_stream
o C audio_stream_in
o C audio_stream_out
o C AutoThreadMutex
o C bluetooth_device_t
o C bluetooth_sdp_record
o C boot_control_module
o C bt_callbacks_t
o C bt_interface_t
o C bt_local_le_features_t
o C bt_os_callouts_t
o C bt_out_of_band_data_t
o C bt_property_t
o C bt_remote_version_t
o C bt_service_record_t
o C bt_uuid_t
o C btav_callbacks_t
o C btav_interface_t
o C btgatt_callbacks_t
o C btgatt_client_callbacks_t
o C btgatt_client_interface_t
o C btgatt_db_element_t
o C btgatt_filt_param_setup_t
o C btgatt_gatt_id_t
o C btgatt_interface_t
o C btgatt_notify_params_t
o C btgatt_read_params_t
o C btgatt_response_t
o C btgatt_server_callbacks_t
o C btgatt_server_interface_t
o C btgatt_srvc_id_t
o C btgatt_test_params_t
o C btgatt_track_adv_info_t
o C btgatt_unformatted_value_t
o C btgatt_value_t
o C btgatt_write_params_t
o C bthf_callbacks_t
o C bthf_client_callbacks_t
o C bthf_client_interface_t
o C bthf_interface_t
o C bthh_callbacks_t
o C bthh_hid_info_t
o C bthh_interface_t
o C bthl_callbacks_t
o C bthl_interface_t
o C bthl_mdep_cfg_t
o C bthl_reg_param_t
o C btmce_callbacks_t
o C btmce_interface_t
o C btmce_mas_instance_t
o C btpan_callbacks_t
o C btpan_interface_t
o C btrc_callbacks_t
o C btrc_ctrl_callbacks_t
o C btrc_ctrl_interface_t
o C btrc_element_attr_val_t
o C btrc_getfolderitem_t
o C btrc_interface_t
o C btrc_player_app_attr_t
o C btrc_player_app_ext_attr_t
o C btrc_player_app_ext_attr_val_t
o C btrc_player_setting_text_t
o C btrc_player_settings_t
o C btrc_register_notification_t
o C btsdp_callbacks_t
o C btsdp_interface_t
o C btsock_interface_t
o C buffer_config_s
o C buffer_producer_stream
o C buffer_provider_s
o C camera2_device
o C camera2_device_ops
o C camera2_frame_queue_dst_ops
o C camera2_jpeg_blob
o C camera2_request_queue_src_ops
o C camera2_stream_in_ops
o C camera2_stream_ops
o C camera3_callback_ops
o C camera3_capture_request
o C camera3_capture_result
o C camera3_device
o C camera3_device_ops
o C camera3_error_msg
o C camera3_jpeg_blob
o C camera3_notify_msg
o C camera3_shutter_msg
o C camera3_stream
o C camera3_stream_buffer
o C camera3_stream_buffer_set
o C camera3_stream_configuration
o C camera_device
o C camera_device_ops
o C camera_info
o C camera_memory
o C camera_module
o C camera_module_callbacks
o C cec_message
o C channel_config_s
o C connected_sensor_t
o C consumerir_device
o C consumerir_freq_range
o C consumerir_module
o C context_hub_module_t
o C context_hub_t
o C cooling_device_t
o C cpu_usage_t
o C DerEncodedCertificate
o C dynamic_sensor_meta_event
o C effect_config_s
o C effect_descriptor_s
o C effect_interface_s
o C effect_offload_param_s
o C effect_param_s
o C effect_uuid_s
o C fingerprint_acquired
o C fingerprint_authenticated
o C fingerprint_device
o C fingerprint_enroll
o C fingerprint_enumerated
o C fingerprint_finger_id
o C fingerprint_module
o C fingerprint_msg
o C fingerprint_removed
o C flp_device_t
o C FlpBatchOptions
o C FlpCallbacks
o C FlpDeviceContextInterface
o C FlpDiagnosticCallbacks
o C FlpDiagnosticInterface
o C FlpGeofenceCallbacks
o C FlpGeofencingInterface
o C FlpLocation
o C FlpLocationInterface
o C framebuffer_device_t
o C gatekeeper_device
o C gatekeeper_module
o C Geofence
o C GeofenceCircle
o C GeofenceData
o C GeofenceOptions
o C GnssClock
o C GnssConfigurationInterface
o C GnssData
o C GnssMeasurement
o C GnssNavigationMessage
o C GnssSvInfo
o C GnssSvStatus
o C GnssSystemInfo
o C gps_device_t
o C GpsCallbacks
o C GpsCallbacks_v1
o C GpsClock
o C GpsData
o C GpsDebugInterface
o C GpsGeofenceCallbacks
o C GpsGeofencingInterface
o C GpsInterface
o C GpsLocation
o C GpsMeasurement
o C GpsMeasurementCallbacks
o C GpsMeasurementInterface
o C GpsNavigationMessage
o C GpsNavigationMessageCallbacks
o C GpsNavigationMessageInterface
o C GpsNiCallbacks
o C GpsNiInterface
o C GpsNiNotification
o C GpsStatus
o C GpsSvInfo
o C GpsSvStatus
o C GpsXtraCallbacks
o C GpsXtraInterface
o C gralloc_module_t
o C hdmi_cec_device
o C hdmi_cec_module
o C hdmi_event
o C hdmi_port_info
o C heart_rate_event_t
o C hotplug_event
o C hub_app_info
o C hub_app_name_t
o C hub_message_t
o C hw_device_t
o C hw_module_methods_t
o C hw_module_t
o C hwc2_device
o C hwc_color
o C hwc_composer_device_1
o C hwc_display_contents_1
o C hwc_frect
o C hwc_layer_1
o C hwc_module
o C hwc_procs
o C hwc_rect
o C hwc_region
o C input_host_callbacks
o C input_module
o C keymaster0_device
o C keymaster1_device
o C keymaster2_device
o C keymaster_blob_t
o C keymaster_cert_chain_t
o C keymaster_dsa_keygen_params_t
o C keymaster_dsa_sign_params_t
o C keymaster_ec_keygen_params_t
o C keymaster_ec_sign_params_t
o C keymaster_key_blob_t
o C keymaster_key_characteristics_t
o C keymaster_key_param_set_t
o C keymaster_key_param_t
o C keymaster_rsa_keygen_params_t
o C keymaster_rsa_sign_params_t
o C keystore_module
o C light_device_t
o C light_state_t
o C load_app_request_t
o C local_time_debug_event
o C local_time_hw_device
o C local_time_module
o C mem_range_t
o C memtrack_module
o C memtrack_record
o C meta_data_event
o C nano_app_binary_t
o C nfc_module_t
o C nfc_nci_device
o C nfc_nci_module_t
o C nfc_pn544_device_t
o C nfc_tag_device
o C nfc_tag_module_t
o C NfcAdaptation
o C nvram_device
o C nvram_module
o C physical_sensor_description_t
o C power_module
o C power_state_platform_sleep_state_t
o C power_state_voter_t
o C preview_stream_ops
o C query_apps_request_t
o C radio_hw_device
o C radio_module
o C radio_tuner
o C sensor_t
o C sensors_event_t
o C sensors_module_t
o C sensors_poll_device_1
o C sensors_poll_device_t
o C sensors_vec_t
o C Sha1CertificateFingerprint
o C sound_trigger_hw_device
o C sound_trigger_module
o C status_response_t
o C SuplCertificateInterface
o C temperature_t
o C thermal_module
o C ThreadCondVar
o C ThreadMutex
o C tv_input_callback_ops
o C tv_input_capture_result
o C tv_input_device
o C tv_input_device_info
o C tv_input_event
o C tv_input_module
o C tv_stream
o C tv_stream_config
o C tx_status_event
o C uncalibrated_event_t
o C unload_app_request_t
o C vehicle_camera_cap_t
o C vehicle_camera_device_t
o C vehicle_camera_module_t
o C vehicle_camera_state_t
o C vehicle_hvac
o C vehicle_hw_device
o C vehicle_module
o C vehicle_prop_config
o C vehicle_prop_value
o C vehicle_str
o C vehicle_value
o C vibrator_device
\ C vr_module