AtestRunner Implementation of ITestSuite 
BaseTestSuite A Test for running Compatibility Test Suite with new suite system. 
GranularRetriableTestWrapper A wrapper class works on the IRemoteTest to granulate the IRemoteTest in testcase level. 
GranularRetriableTestWrapper.StartEndCollector Class helper to catch missing run start and end. 
ITestSuite Abstract class used to run Test Suite. 
ModuleDefinition Container for the test run configuration. 
ModuleListener Listener attached to each IRemoteTest of each module in order to collect the list of results. 
ModuleMerger Helper class for operation related to merging ITestSuite and ModuleDefinition after a split. 
ModuleSplitter Helper to split a list of modules represented by IConfiguration into a list of execution units represented by ModuleDefinition
RemoteTestTimeOutEnforcer Listeners that allows to check the execution time of a given test config and fail it if it goes over a given timeout. 
ResolvePartialDownload Resolve a partial download request. 
SuiteModuleLoader Retrieves Compatibility test module definitions from the repository. 
SuiteModuleLoader.ConfigFilter A ERROR(/FilenameFilter) to find all the config files in a directory. 
SuiteTestFilter Represents a filter for including and excluding tests. 
TestMappingSuiteRunner Implementation of BaseTestSuite to run tests specified by option include-filter, or TEST_MAPPING files from build, as a suite. 
TestSuiteInfo A class that resolves loading of build related metadata for test suite

To properly expose related info, a test suite must include a file in its jar resources 

TfSuiteRunner Implementation of ITestSuite which will load tests from TF jars res/config/suite/ folder. 
ValidateSuiteConfigHelper This class will help validating that the IConfiguration loaded for the suite are meeting the expected requirements: - No Build providers - No Result reporters