ILogSaver Classes which implement this interface provide methods for storing logs to a central location. 
ILogSaverListener Allows for ITestInvocationListeners to listen for when log files are saved. 
InputStreamSource This interface basically wraps an ERROR(/InputStream) to make it clonable. 
IShardableListener A ITestInvocationListener that can be sharded. 
ITestInvocationListener Listener for test results from the test invocation. 
ITestLifeCycleReceiver Receives event notifications during instrumentation test runs. 
ITestLoggerReceiver An entity that can be injected with an ITestLogger instance so that it can be used for logging purposes. 
ITestSummaryListener Interface that allows ITestInvocationListener to exchange some limited information via summaries. 


ATestFileSystemLogSaver This LogSaver class is used by ATest to save logs in a specific path. 
BugreportCollector A pass-through ITestInvocationListener that collects bugreports when configurable events occur and then calls ITestInvocationListener#testLog on its children after each bugreport is collected. 
BugreportCollector.Predicate A full predicate describing when to capture a bugreport. 
CollectingTestListener A ITestInvocationListener that will collect all test results. 
ConsoleResultReporter Result reporter to print the test results to the console. 
CountingTestResultListener A TestResultListener that tracks the total number of tests by TestStatus 
DeviceFileReporter A utility class that checks the device for files and sends them to ITestInvocationListener#testLog(String, LogDataType, InputStreamSource) if found. 
EventsLoggerListener Listener that logs all the events it receives into a file 
FailureDescription The class describing a failure information in Trade Federation. 
FileInputStreamSource A InputStreamSource that takes an input file. 
FileSystemLogSaver Save logs to a file system. 
FilteredResultForwarder Variant of ResultForwarder that only allows an allowlist of TestDescription to be reported. 
InvocationSummaryHelper Helper class for gathering and reporting TestSummary for set of listeners 
InvocationToJUnitResultForwarder A class that listens to ITestInvocationListener events and forwards them to a TestListener
JsonHttpTestResultReporter A result reporter that encode test metrics results and branch, device info into JSON and POST into an HTTP service endpoint 
JUnitToInvocationResultForwarder A class that listens to TestListener events and forwards them to an ITestInvocationListener
LegacySubprocessResultsReporter A frozen implementation of the subprocess results reporter which should remain compatible with earlier versions of TF/CTS (e.g. 8+), despite changes in its superclass. 
LogcatCrashResultForwarder Special listener: on failures (instrumentation process crashing) it will attempt to extract from the logcat the crash and adds it to the failure message associated with the test. 
LogFile Class to hold the metadata for a saved log file. 
LogFileSaver A helper for ITestInvocationListener's that will save log data to a file 
LogSaverResultForwarder A ResultForwarder for saving logs with the global file saver. 
LUCIResultReporter A result reporter that saves test results needed by ResultDB and LUCI into JSON format (go/result-sink) and logs the file location in the console. 
MetricsXMLResultReporter MetricsXMLResultReporter writes test metrics and run metrics to an XML file in a folder specified by metrics-folder parameter at the invocationEnded phase of the test. 
MultiFailureDescription Collect multiple FailureDescription in one holder. 
NameMangleListener A proxy listener to translate test method, class, and package names as results are reported. 
PassingTestFileReporter A ITestInvocationListener that saves the list of passing test cases to a test file 
ReportPassedTests Report in a file possible filters to exclude passed test. 
ResultAndLogForwarder Forwarder for results and logs events. 
ResultForwarder A ITestInvocationListener that forwards invocation results to a list of other listeners. 
RetentionFileSaver Helper class for creating a .retention file in a directory. 
RetryResultForwarder An Extension of ResultForwarder that always push to a given attempt number. 
SnapshotInputStreamSource A File-backed InputStreamSource. 
StubTestRunListener Stub implementation of ITestRunListener 
SubprocessResultsReporter Implements ITestInvocationListener to be specified as a result_reporter and forward from the subprocess the results of tests, test runs, test invocations. 
TestDescription Class representing information about a test case. 
TestDescriptionsFile A utility class for marshalling and unmarshalling a list of TestDescriptions to a test file. 
TestResult Container for a result of a single test. 
TestResultListener A simplification of ITestLifecycleListener for implementers that only care about individual test results. 
TestRunResult Holds results from a single test run. 
TestSummary A class to represent a test summary. 
TextResultReporter A test result reporter that forwards results to the JUnit text result printer. 
XmlResultReporter Writes JUnit results to an XML files in a format consistent with Ant's XMLJUnitResultFormatter. 


ActionInProgress The general action in progress. 
InvocationStatus A helper enum to represent the invocation status 
LogDataType Represents the data type of log data. 
TestStatus Representation in Tradefed of possible statuses for test methods.