HIDL VHAL interface

The HIDL VHAL interface is defined at IVehicle.hal and provides these methods.

Method Description
getAllPropConfigs() generates (vec<VehiclePropConfig>propConfigs);

Lists the configuration of all properties supported by the VHAL. CarService uses supported properties only.

ongetPropConfigs(vec props) generates (StatusCode status,vec<VehiclePropConfig> propConfigs);

Returns the configuration of selected properties.

set(VehiclePropValue propValue) generates (StatusCodestatus);

Writes a value to a property. The result of the write is defined per property.

subscribe(IVehicleCallback callback, vec options) generates (StatusCode status);

Starts monitoring a property value change.

unsubscribe(IVehicleCallback callback, int32_t propId) generates (StatusCode status);

Stops monitoring a property value change for a previous subscribed property.

The HIDL VHAL uses these callback interfaces:

Callback Description
oneway onPropertyEvent(vecpropValues);

Notifies vehicle property's value change. Apply only to subscribed properties.

oneway onPropertySetError(StatusCode errorCode,int32_t propId,int32_tareaId);

Returns async property set errors that can not be associated with a specific set operation.