Android Automotive 14 QPR1 release details

This page summarizes new features provided in Android Automotive 14 QPR1.


The QPR1 release provides these new features:


Android Compliance test suites were executed on the internal reference hardware. Executed test suites include the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS), CTS-on-GSI, Security Test Suite (STS), and Vendor Test Suite (VTS).

Android Automotive 14 QPR1 contains one set of changes in aae-udcqpr1-cts. These changes must be included in order to pass the test cases listed below. All other tests are verified as passing on the internal reference hardware.

In CtsWindowManagerDeviceTestCases:

  • CtsWindowManagerDeviceTestCases android.server.wm.AmStartOptionsTests#testDashD
  • CtsWindowManagerDeviceTestCases android.server.wm.DisplayShapeTests#testDisplayShapeFromWindowInsets