Global configurable values

Use the resources provided in this article to customize Dialer. Different views will use resources redirected from the global values. For more information, see the AOSP UX design (may require sign-in).

Dialpad input motion

<!-- Boolean config to gate the dialpad input motion -->
<bool name="config_enable_dial_motion">true</bool>
<!-- Font scale for the last input digit -->
<item name="config_dial_motion_scale_start" format="float" type="integer">1.5</item>
<!-- Scale down motion duration for the last input digit -->
<integer name="config_dial_motion_duration">200</integer>

Gravity of input digits in Dialpad

<!-- 8388629 stands for Gravity.END |
<integer name="config_dialed_number_gravity">8388629</integer>

Detailed user profile

Config to display a detailed user profile when a matching contact for the input number is found. When false, display contact name only. When true, display the contact avatar, contact name, and phone number label.

<bool name="config_show_detailed_user_profile_on_dialpad">false</bool>

Background image alpha

When set to 0, the background image is invisible.

<!-- Alpha when there is a contact avatar -->
<item name="config_background_image_alpha" format="float"
<!-- Alpha when there are no contact avatars and uses the letter tile drawable color as background. -->
<item name="config_background_image_error_alpha" format="float" type="dimen">1.0</item>

Action buttons on the Recents and Contacts pages

<!-- A config determines whether to show divider and callog_action_button for callog items that
are not stored as contacts. "true" will show divider and button as disable state and "false" will
make divider and button invisible for non contacts. -->
    <bool name="config_show_calllog_action_button_for_non_contact">false</bool>

<!-- A config determines whether to show divider and the button on the right side for contacts
without any contact details. "true" will show divider and button as disable state and "false" will
make divider and button invisible for empty contacts. -->
    <bool name="config_show_contact_detail_button_for_empty_contact">false</bool>

Gate address and navigation feature on Contact Details page

Use this Boolean config to gate the address and navigation reature on the Contact Details page.

<!-- A config determines whether to show postal address in contact details page. -->
<bool name="config_show_postal_address">false</bool>

Toolbar on the Contact Details page

<!-- A config determines whether to show the action bar view in the contact details page.-->
<bool name="config_show_contact_details_action_bar_view">false</bool>
<!-- A config determines if to show the action bar avatar in the contact details page.-->
<bool name="config_show_contact_details_action_bar_avatar">true</bool>

Toolbar title mode

Config for toolbar title mode:

  • 0 denotes app name.
  • 1 denotes no toolbar title.
  • 2 denotes connected Bluetooth device name.
<!-- Use app name as toolbar title. Supported value see @attr/toolbarTitleMode -->
<integer name="config_toolbar_title_mode">0</integer>

Fullscreen incall UI

Config gate for the fullscreen incall UI. When set to true, answering an incoming call displays the fullscreen incall UI regardless of Dialer user. When set to false, answering an incoming call dismisses the HUN without displaying the fullscreen incall UI when a user is not in Dialer.

<bool name="config_show_fullscreen_incall_ui">true</bool>

Avatar corner

Changing this value affects all avatar shapes, including the notifications avatar:

  • 0.5 denotes round avatar.
  • 1 denotes square avatar.
<dimen name="contact_avatar_corner_radius_percent" format="float">0.5</dimen>

Avatar size used for list items

Use this config to set the avatar size for list items on these pages:

  • Call History page
  • Contacts page
  • Search page
  • Profile avatar on the Dialpad page
<dimen name="avatar_icon_size">76dp</dimen>

Live search result when user dials with Dialpad

<!-- A config determines whether to show type down list on Dialpad -->
<bool name="config_show_type_down_list_on_dialpad">true</bool>

Control bar height

Set the height of the Ongoing Call control bar, Incoming Call control bar height, and Call button height.

<dimen name="control_bar_height">96dp</dimen>

List item dimensions

<dimen name="list_item_height">116dp</dimen>