Tablet Sensor Fusion Box

The Tablet Sensor Fusion Box is a larger version of the Sensor Fusion Box test rig with reinforced servo support to handle large footprint Android devices such as tablets. The Tablet Sensor Fusion Box is used to test tablets in the Camera ITS sensor_fusion test and multi-camera sync test. It provies a consistent test environment for measuring timestamp accuracy of sensors for Android tablet devices, specifically camera image sensors and gyroscopes.

This page includes a vendor we recommend for purchasing a pre-made box and describes the specifications needed for you to build your own.

Purchase a Tablet Sensor Fusion Box

If you prefer to purchase a pre-built box, we recommend the following qualified vendor:

  • MYWAY design 4F., No. 163, Fu-Ying Road, XinZhuang District, New Taipei City 242, Taiwan

Tablet Sensor Fusion Box hardware

If you prefer to build your own, the following sections describe the specifications and features of our design that you can follow when building your own.

The Tablet Sensor Fusion Box consists of plastic box components that are laser cut from computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and a servo control box.

For detailed CAD drawings and a bill of materials (BOM), download the Tablet Sensor Fusion Box production files.

The following figures show a 3D rendering and the physical dimensions of the Tablet Sensor Fusion Box:

3D rendering

Figure 1. Tablet Sensor Fusion Box 3D rendering.

Tablet sensor fusion box dimensions

Figure 2. Tablet Sensor Fusion Box dimensions.

Tablet Sensor Fusion Box design specifications

The following describes design specifications for the Tablet Sensor Fusion Box and the tablet mount:

Tablet Sensor Fusion Box design

  • Large size supports tablets with dimensions up to 12" (300 mm).
  • Tablet rotates on the turntable at the bottom and the chart is mounted under the top panel.
  • Servo hardware handles tablet weight and restrict motions to a single plane.
  • Lights mounted above tablet eliminates "shadowing" during rotation.

Tablet mount design

  • Tablet mount size: 500 mm x 500 mm.
  • Bar clamps with rubber backing keep the tablets in place.
  • Supports tablets with dimensions up to 400 mm x 450 mm.
  • Metal-gear servo motor with servo block provides extra support.

The following figure shows a tablet mounted on the tablet mount:

Tablet mount

Figure 3. Tablet mount with tablet mounted.