Run Cuttlefish on Docker

The Cuttlefish Docker image includes all the required dependencies for launching Cuttlefish in a container. By using Cuttlefish with Docker, you can set up the infrastructure for running Cuttlefish instances remotely on different host environments. Docker also lets you launch Cuttlefish independently from your host machine's setup, for example OS variant (Debian, Linux), OS version, architecture variant (x86_64, ARM64), and other installation dependencies.

Cuttlefish Docker image

The Cuttlefish Docker image is available in the android-cuttlefish repository on GitHub. The Docker image contains Debian packages such as Cloud Orchestrator, a web service for hosting VMs or containers that you can run Cuttlefish on, and cvdr, a CLI wrapper for Cloud Orchestrator.

To build the Docker image containing Cuttlefish Debian packages, follow the instructions at android-cuttlefish > Docker.