Custom device development

This page explains several tasks you might need to perform if you're setting up a build for your own device.

Create a custom flash configuration

Fastboot instructions are defined in an artifact called fastboot-info.txt. If you build multiple targets, you'll have multiple fastboot-info.txt files in the $OUT_DIR. And, $ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT points to the most current target you built. This page list the tasks for fastboot to execute and can be regenerated using m fastboot_info. You can introduce custom flashing logic by modifying the fastboot-info.txt file.

The fastboot-info.txt file supports these commands:

  • flash %s: Flashes a given partition. Optional arguments include --slot-other,filename_path, and--apply-vbmeta`.
  • update-super: Updates the super partition.
  • if-wipe: Conditionally runs some other component if a wipe is specified.
  • erase %s: Erases a given partition (can only be used in conjunction with if-wipe -> eg. if-wipe erase cache).

Determine flash lock state

If you're building a custom flashboot daemon (flashbootd) for a device, you need to be able to obtain bootloader and bootloader lock state. The getFlashLockState() @SystemApi transmits the bootloader state and the PersistentDataBlockManager.getFlashLockState() system API returns the bootloader's lock status on compliant devices.

Return value Conditions
FLASH_LOCK_UNKNOWN Returned only by devices upgrading to Android 7.x or higher that didn't previously support the bootloader changes required to get the flash lock status if they supported flashing lock/unlock capability.
  • New devices running Android 7.x or higher must be in either a FLASH_LOCK_LOCKED or FLASH_LOCK_UNLOCKED state.
  • Devices upgrading to Android 7.x or higher that don't support flashing unlock/lock capability should return a FLASH_LOCK_LOCKED state.
FLASH_LOCK_LOCKED Returned by any device that doesn't support flashing lock/unlock (that is, the device is always locked), or any device that supports flashing lock/unlock and is in the locked state.
FLASH_LOCK_UNLOCKED Returned by any device that supports flashing lock/unlock and is in the unlocked state.

Manufacturers should test the values returned by devices with locked and unlocked bootloaders. For example, AOSP contains a reference implementation that returns a value based on the ro.boot.flash.locked boot property. Example code is located in the following directories:

  • frameworks/base/services/core/java/com/android/server/
  • frameworks/base/core/java/android/service/persistentdata/