Design an Android Device

Being open source, Android offers a near-infinite combination of hardware and software for you to develop devices undreamt by even the operating system's creators.

Still, for your users to have a coherent experience as they adopt additional Android devices, consider following established standards while designing and customizing your implementation.

  1. Review the fundamental principles of Android platform development within Architecture, particularly the HIDL format introduced in Android 8.0 and the modular system components introduced in Android 10.

  2. Ensure your devices meet requirements to be deemed compatible with Android’s core specification, the Android Compatibility Definition Document.

  3. See the Display features and Settings guidelines for help with the user interface.

  4. Take advantage of all of the tests available to debug and improve your Android devices.

  5. Follow security best practices to keep your users and devices safe.

  6. Familiarize yourself with App Design principles and Material Design techniques when developing user-facing applications.