boot_control_module Struct Reference

boot_control_module Struct Reference

#include < boot_control.h >

Data Fields

struct hw_module_t   common
void(*  init )(struct boot_control_module *module)
unsigned(*  getNumberSlots )(struct boot_control_module *module)
unsigned(*  getCurrentSlot )(struct boot_control_module *module)
int(*  markBootSuccessful )(struct boot_control_module *module)
int(*  setActiveBootSlot )(struct boot_control_module *module, unsigned slot)
int(*  setSlotAsUnbootable )(struct boot_control_module *module, unsigned slot)
int(*  isSlotBootable )(struct boot_control_module *module, unsigned slot)
const char *(*  getSuffix )(struct boot_control_module *module, unsigned slot)
int(*  isSlotMarkedSuccessful )(struct boot_control_module *module, unsigned slot)
void *  reserved [31]

Detailed Description

Every hardware module must have a data structure named HAL_MODULE_INFO_SYM and the fields of this data structure must begin with hw_module_t followed by module specific information.

Definition at line 50 of file boot_control.h .

Field Documentation

struct hw_module_t common

Definition at line 51 of file boot_control.h .

unsigned(* getCurrentSlot)(struct boot_control_module *module)

Definition at line 76 of file boot_control.h .

unsigned(* getNumberSlots)(struct boot_control_module *module)

Definition at line 64 of file boot_control.h .

const char*(* getSuffix)(struct boot_control_module *module, unsigned slot)

Definition at line 118 of file boot_control.h .

void(* init)(struct boot_control_module *module)

Definition at line 57 of file boot_control.h .

int(* isSlotBootable)(struct boot_control_module *module, unsigned slot)

Definition at line 110 of file boot_control.h .

int(* isSlotMarkedSuccessful)(struct boot_control_module *module, unsigned slot)

Definition at line 126 of file boot_control.h .

int(* markBootSuccessful)(struct boot_control_module *module)

Definition at line 84 of file boot_control.h .

void* reserved[31]

Definition at line 128 of file boot_control.h .

int(* setActiveBootSlot)(struct boot_control_module *module, unsigned slot)

Definition at line 93 of file boot_control.h .

int(* setSlotAsUnbootable)(struct boot_control_module *module, unsigned slot)

Definition at line 101 of file boot_control.h .

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