public class TestMappingSuiteRunner
extends BaseTestSuite

   ↳ com.android.tradefed.testtype.suite.ITestSuite
     ↳ com.android.tradefed.testtype.suite.BaseTestSuite
       ↳ com.android.tradefed.testtype.suite.TestMappingSuiteRunner

Implementation of BaseTestSuite to run tests specified by option include-filter, or TEST_MAPPING files from build, as a suite.


Public constructors


Public methods

void clearTestGroup()

Load the tests configuration that will be run.

Public constructors


public TestMappingSuiteRunner ()

Public methods


public void clearTestGroup ()


public  loadTests ()

Load the tests configuration that will be run. Each tests is defined by a IConfiguration and a unique name under which it will report results. There are 2 ways to load tests for TestMappingSuiteRunner:

1. --test-mapping-test-group, which specifies the group of tests in TEST_MAPPING files. The runner will parse all TEST_MAPPING files in the source code through build artifact test_mappings.zip, and load tests grouped under the given test group.

2. --include-filter, which specifies the name of the test to run. The use case is for presubmit check to only run a list of tests related to the Cls to be verifies. The list of tests are compiled from the related TEST_MAPPING files in modified source code.

a map of test name to the IConfiguration object of each test.