input_module Struct Reference

input_module Struct Reference

#include < input.h >

Data Fields

struct hw_module_t   common
void(*  init )(const input_module_t *module, input_host_t *host, input_host_callbacks_t cb)
void(*  notify_report )(const input_module_t *module, input_report_t *report)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 545 of file input.h .

Field Documentation

struct hw_module_t common

Common methods of the input module. This must be the first member of input_module as users of this structure will cast a hw_module_t to input_module pointer in contexts where it's known the hw_module_t references a input_module .

Definition at line 552 of file input.h .

void(* init)(const input_module_t *module, input_host_t *host, input_host_callbacks_t cb)

Initialize the module with host callbacks. At this point the HAL should start up whatever infrastructure it needs to in order to process input events.

Definition at line 558 of file input.h .

void(* notify_report)(const input_module_t *module, input_report_t *report)

Sends an output report with a new set of state the host would like the given device to assume.

Definition at line 564 of file input.h .

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