btrc_callbacks_t Struct Reference

btrc_callbacks_t Struct Reference

#include < bt_rc.h >

Data Fields

size_t  size
btrc_remote_features_callback   remote_features_cb
btrc_get_play_status_callback   get_play_status_cb
btrc_list_player_app_attr_callback   list_player_app_attr_cb
btrc_list_player_app_values_callback   list_player_app_values_cb
btrc_get_player_app_value_callback   get_player_app_value_cb
btrc_get_player_app_attrs_text_callback   get_player_app_attrs_text_cb
btrc_get_player_app_values_text_callback   get_player_app_values_text_cb
btrc_set_player_app_value_callback   set_player_app_value_cb
btrc_get_element_attr_callback   get_element_attr_cb
btrc_register_notification_callback   register_notification_cb
btrc_volume_change_callback   volume_change_cb
btrc_passthrough_cmd_callback   passthrough_cmd_cb

Detailed Description

BT-RC Target callback structure.

Definition at line 205 of file bt_rc.h .

Field Documentation

Definition at line 216 of file bt_rc.h .

Definition at line 209 of file bt_rc.h .

btrc_get_player_app_attrs_text_callback get_player_app_attrs_text_cb

Definition at line 213 of file bt_rc.h .

btrc_get_player_app_value_callback get_player_app_value_cb

Definition at line 212 of file bt_rc.h .

btrc_get_player_app_values_text_callback get_player_app_values_text_cb

Definition at line 214 of file bt_rc.h .

btrc_list_player_app_attr_callback list_player_app_attr_cb

Definition at line 210 of file bt_rc.h .

btrc_list_player_app_values_callback list_player_app_values_cb

Definition at line 211 of file bt_rc.h .

Definition at line 219 of file bt_rc.h .

btrc_register_notification_callback register_notification_cb

Definition at line 217 of file bt_rc.h .

Definition at line 208 of file bt_rc.h .

btrc_set_player_app_value_callback set_player_app_value_cb

Definition at line 215 of file bt_rc.h .

size_t size

set to sizeof(BtRcCallbacks)

Definition at line 207 of file bt_rc.h .

Definition at line 218 of file bt_rc.h .

The documentation for this struct was generated from the following file:
  • hardware/libhardware/include/hardware/ bt_rc.h