bt_local_le_features_t Struct Reference

bt_local_le_features_t Struct Reference

#include < bluetooth.h >

Data Fields

uint16_t  version_supported
uint8_t  local_privacy_enabled
uint8_t  max_adv_instance
uint8_t  rpa_offload_supported
uint8_t  max_irk_list_size
uint8_t  max_adv_filter_supported
uint8_t  activity_energy_info_supported
uint16_t  scan_result_storage_size
uint16_t  total_trackable_advertisers
bool  extended_scan_support
bool  debug_logging_supported

Detailed Description

Definition at line 152 of file bluetooth.h .

Field Documentation

uint8_t activity_energy_info_supported

Definition at line 160 of file bluetooth.h .

bool debug_logging_supported

Definition at line 164 of file bluetooth.h .

bool extended_scan_support

Definition at line 163 of file bluetooth.h .

uint8_t local_privacy_enabled

Definition at line 155 of file bluetooth.h .

uint8_t max_adv_filter_supported

Definition at line 159 of file bluetooth.h .

uint8_t max_adv_instance

Definition at line 156 of file bluetooth.h .

uint8_t max_irk_list_size

Definition at line 158 of file bluetooth.h .

uint8_t rpa_offload_supported

Definition at line 157 of file bluetooth.h .

uint16_t scan_result_storage_size

Definition at line 161 of file bluetooth.h .

uint16_t total_trackable_advertisers

Definition at line 162 of file bluetooth.h .

uint16_t version_supported

Definition at line 154 of file bluetooth.h .

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