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Android Test Station Release Notes

October 20, 2020


Component References Description Severity
Server 166792458 Allow VTS 10 to run in proxy environment High
User Interface 166166771 Fix build picker style issue Medium
User Interface 144050365 Fix error reporting issue Medium
User Interface 151089659 Fix build channel authorization issue Medium
User Interface 153192769 Test run progress tab style issue Medium
User Interface 150632844 Test plan errors display issue Medium
User Interface 153420299 Add local virtual device Medium

September 17, 2020


Component References Description Severity
User Interface 167417003 Fix UI styling issues Medium
Config 168061295 Update CTS 11 configuration High
Server 162618338 Fix update command issue High
User Interface 153420299 Add device action that sets up local virtual devices Medium
User Interface 158477888 Show previous runs and reruns High
User Interface 123240674 Add AOA keyboard actions and buttons High
User Interface 123240674 Add AOA action exporting High
User Interface 123240674 Add AOA action editor dialog High
User Interface 167415996 Show SIM status in Device List High

August 24, 2020


Component References Description Severity
User Interface 160193000 Wrongly showing the devices as Available High
Server 162520338 Hit NullPointerException when searching file using absolute path in ATS High
Server 129111645 CTS Q run with ATS cannot be retried manually High
Server 163767539 VTS Q run with ATS cannot be retried manually High

July 30, 2020


Component References Description Severity
User Interface 123240674 Added AOA gesture and system actions Low
Server 156885684 Added Support for SSL proxy High
Server 156885684 Fix HTTPLIB2_CA_CERTS error Medium
Server 157602143 Enable token sharding by default for CTS 10+ Medium

June 24, 2020


Component References Description Severity
Config 155599219 Fix folder in ‘Copy CTS Media’ device action Medium
User Interface 154253273 Fix copying command arguments for reruns Medium
Server 155430854 Download test resources in parallel Medium
User Interface 157602143 Fix browser icon Low

May 20, 2020


Component References Description Severity
Server 155023966 Truncate status update events to prevent oversized events from being dropped High
User Interface 149789050 Maintain status filter when viewing test run details Medium
User Interface 122453465 Allow specifying the time zone when scheduling a test plan Medium
Command Line Tool 154582379 Support updating CLI without authentication Medium
Server 153584031 Clear scheduled runs when deleting a test plan Medium
Server 151188589, 149098435 Add default test parameters (retries, timeout) to test configurations Medium
Server 155122194 Fix issue where uploaded files could be left open Low

April 22, 2020


Component References Description Severity
User Interface 151234011 Added test run progress information to test run details page High
User Interface 142071779 Enable editing of command when creating a new test run High
Server 147433807 Added Android CI build channel High
Server 147742468 Auto-detect and use system proxy settings High
User Interface 148980098 Support using service account keys for build channels Medium
User Interface 144453777 Added “Revoke Authorization” option for build channels Medium
Server 153476573 Moved Config Sets to Google Drive Medium
Command Line Tool 131177642 ./mtt configure command removed Medium

March 19, 2020


Component References Description Severity
Server 150113491 Fix attempts being stuck in queue due to a timezone mismatch Critical
Server 150713409 Fix data loss when importing node configuration High
Server 147765792 Add file upload hooks High
User Interface 148100229 Fix cancel button when editing test plans High
User Interface 146653700 Add loading mask after starting test run High
User Interface 148540747 Add test run actions tab High
User Interface 149757323 Update back button styling Low
Command Line Tool 150027650 Fix CLI configure Python version error High
Command Line Tool 150475969



Fix issues where CLI failed to properly stop the docker container High
Command Line Tool 150033985 Fix error when calling CLI without arguments Medium
Command Line Tool 150698043 Display log levels in command line Medium

February 9, 2020


Issue Reference
[Partner] Add “Copy CTS Media” device action 144843745
[Setup Wizard] Allow users to import config sets 143486335
[Setup Wizard] Allow users to restore configs 147228296
[UI] Test results failure count does not auto-update 146653313
[UI] Error stacktrace doesn't get rendered 147743353
[UI] No scrollbar on large error dialog 147743747
Results on test run details do not match test_results.xml 135035071
Cannot re-run with uploading test results files 146771360

December 18, 2019


Issue Reference
[UI] Add detailed error verification 146217225
Add exception wrapper to api endpoints 146177996
[UI] Deprecating Old UI 143561678
[UI] Update the product name to Test Station 145946942
[UI] Split a glob test resource URL into path and filename 142409466
[UI] Prefer to have date for "Created" test run instead of "xx days ago" 143784906
[UI] Build channel add and delete functionality 143560724
[UI] Convert dates to relative time 129784596
[UI] Console auto scrolling 135934089
[UI] Implement Breadcrumb in build picker 137580255
[UI] Enable Auth flow in build channel page 135936260
[UI] Add WiFi Setup step 142822703
"java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" 144048853
When using rerun to retry, add extra argument command is ignored 137816285
Enable/Disable button in Build Channel List 141192362
Timestamp for output files is not the same as local time 139087911
Can't reupload files 142143337
Devices with serial 0123456789ABCDEF doesn't show up in Android Test Station 138308316
Canceling ignored while downloading test resource 129561104
Failed to browse Google Drive files 138460389
Cannot edit test plan if referencing unknown test 144689536
Upgrade JVM to OpenJDK 9 143290446
Console output temporarily fails due to non-ASCII string 129008791
[UI] Device List page shows an error dialog when no device is connected 137575941
Run time is negative 137579942
Test jobs sit idle 10 min even though a child process got terminated immediately 137675706
Android Test Station doesn't download newly updated Google Drive files 142129746
Prevent recently downloaded files from being cleaned up 143369161
Make Android Test Station server to work correctly in proxy environments 141869557