Contribute to Android

This page identifies the ways that you can get involved in helping improve Android. Before continuing further, review these definitions:

Someone at Google who is responsible for a part of Android code and who can review, approve, and submit contributions to the code.
Someone who can review contributions to the code. A reviewer can be someone in your organization or at Google. However, only Google employees can approve changes for submittal (provide a Code-Review+2 response to a change).

Report bugs

One of the easiest and most effective ways you can help improve Android is to Report and track bugs.

Contribute to the code

Google welcomes code contributions that makes AOSP better for everyone. For the process of providing code contributions, refer to Submit code changes.

Develop apps

Google created Android so that developers can distribute their apps to users on an open platform. One of the best ways you can help Android is to write cool apps that users love!

This site is primarily for Android OS implementers. For information on developing apps, visit