FlpBatchOptions Struct Reference

FlpBatchOptions Struct Reference

#include < fused_location.h >

Data Fields

double  max_power_allocation_mW
uint32_t  sources_to_use
uint32_t  flags
int64_t  period_ns
float  smallest_displacement_meters

Detailed Description

Options with the batching FLP APIs

Definition at line 258 of file fused_location.h .

Field Documentation

uint32_t flags

FLP_BATCH_WAKEUP_ON_FIFO_FULL - If set the hardware will wake up the AP when the buffer is full. If not set, the hardware will drop the oldest location object.

FLP_BATCH_CALLBACK_ON_LOCATION_FIX - If set the location callback will be called every time there is a location fix. Its the responsibility of the upper layers (caller) to switch it off, if it knows that the AP might go to sleep. When this bit is on amidst a batching session, batching should continue while location fixes are reported in real time.

Other flags to be bitwised ORed in the future.

Definition at line 284 of file fused_location.h .

double max_power_allocation_mW

Maximum power in mW that the underlying implementation can use for this batching call. If max_power_allocation_mW is 0, only fixes that are generated at no additional cost of power shall be reported.

Definition at line 265 of file fused_location.h .

int64_t period_ns

Frequency with which location needs to be batched in nano seconds.

Definition at line 290 of file fused_location.h .

float smallest_displacement_meters

The smallest displacement between reported locations in meters.

If set to 0, then you should report locations at the requested interval even if the device is stationary. If positive, you can use this parameter as a hint to save power (e.g. throttling location period if the user hasn't traveled close to the displacement threshold). Even small positive values can be interpreted to mean that you don't have to compute location when the device is stationary.

There is no need to filter location delivery based on this parameter. Locations can be delivered even if they have a displacement smaller than requested. This parameter can safely be ignored at the cost of potential power savings.

Definition at line 307 of file fused_location.h .

uint32_t sources_to_use

Bitwise OR of the FLP_TECH_MASKS to use

Definition at line 268 of file fused_location.h .

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