Continuous Integration Dashboard

The continuous integration dashboard ( provides visibility into the system used by the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Contributors to AOSP can use this dashboard to monitor when their submissions are integrated into the tree. The status color shows whether the integrated change has built successfully across all of our build types. For convenience, the build artifacts from each build are available for download.

Each row represents a build that is completed on Android's automated builders. Each column represents a build target/buildtype combination. Within the grid, in-progress and completed builds are shown with these background colors:

  • Yellow: In progress
  • Red: Failed
  • Green: Successful

When a build is completed you can download the build artifacts by clicking the get_app(View artifacts) icon, which links to a page where the artifacts can be downloaded. Clicking a square opens a panel at the bottom of the screen with a Details tab where the logs are kept, a Changes tab listing what changes went into a build, and a link to the build artifacts. The dashboard refreshes automatically as new builds are completed.

The dashboard is found at

Image of dashboard
Figure 1. Continuous integration dashboard

The attributes of the dashboard include:

  • Branch name: Name of the git branch where the builds happen
  • Build target: Device configuration
  • Buildtype: Exact configuration of the target, which can be user, userdebug, or eng
    For more details, see Choosing a Target.
  • Build ID: Unique ID for each build
  • Perm link: Permanent link to this build’s page on
  • Changes link: Link to the changes included in this build
  • Build artifacts: Link to see and download artifacts from this build