Package: android.hardware.neuralnetworks@1.0


interface IPreparedModel

IPreparedModel describes a model that has been prepared for execution and is used to launch executions.



execute (Request request, IExecutionCallback callback)
generates (ErrorStatus status)

Launches an asynchronous execution on a prepared model.

The execution is performed asynchronously with respect to the caller.execute must verify the inputs to the function are correct.If there is an error, execute must immediately invoke the callback with the appropriate ErrorStatus value, then return with the same ErrorStatus.If the inputs to the function are valid and there is no error, execute must launch an asynchronous task to perform the execution in the background, and immediately return with ErrorStatus::NONE.If the asynchronous task fails to launch, execute must immediately invoke the callback with ErrorStatus::GENERAL_FAILURE, then return with ErrorStatus::GENERAL_FAILURE.

When the asynchronous task has finished its execution, it must immediately invoke the callback object provided as an input to the execute function.This callback must be provided with the ErrorStatus of the execution.

Multiple threads can call the execute function on the same IPreparedModel object concurrently with different requests.

The input and output information on which the prepared model is to be executed.
A callback object used to return the error status of the execution.The callback object's notify function must be called exactly once, even if the execution was unsuccessful.
Error status of the call, must be:- NONE if task is successfully launched - DEVICE_UNAVAILABLE if driver is offline or busy - GENERAL_FAILURE if there is an unspecified error - OUTPUT_INSUFFICIENT_SIZE if provided output buffer is not large enough to store the resultant values - INVALID_ARGUMENT if one of the input arguments is invalid