Package: android.hardware.gnss@1.1


interface IGnssCallback extends @1.0::IGnssCallback

The interface is required for the HAL to communicate certain information like status and location info back to the platform, the platform implements the interfaces and passes a handle to the HAL.



gnssNameCb (string name)

Callback to inform framework of the GNSS HAL implementation model & version name.

This is a user-visible string that identifies the model and version of the GNSS HAL.For example "ABC Co ., Baseband Part 1234, RF Part 567, Software version 3.14.159"

For privacy reasons, this string must not contain any device-specific serial number or other identifier that uniquely identifies an individual device.

This must be called in response to IGnss::setCallback

String providing the name of the GNSS HAL implementation


gnssRequestLocationCb (bool independentFromGnss)

Callback for requesting Location.

HAL implementation must call this when it wants the framework to provide locations to assist with GNSS HAL operation, for example, to assist with time to first fix, error recovery, or to supplement GNSS location for other clients of the GNSS HAL.

If a request is made with independentFromGnss set to true, the framework must avoid providing locations derived from GNSS locations(such as "fused" location), to help improve information independence for situations such as error recovery.

In response to this method call, GNSS HAL can expect zero, one, or more calls to IGnss::injectLocation or IGnss::injectBestLocation, dependent on availability of location from other sources, which may happen at some arbitrary delay.Generally speaking, HAL implementations must be able to handle calls to IGnss::injectLocation or IGnss::injectBestLocation at any time.

True if requesting a location that is independent from GNSS.