Package: android.hardware.broadcastradio@1.1


interface IBroadcastRadio extends @1.0::IBroadcastRadio



getProperties_1_1 ()
generates (Properties properties)

Retrieve implementation properties.

A Properties structure containing implementation description and capabilities.


getImage (int32_t id)
generates (vec<uint8_t> image)

Fetch image from radio module.

This call is meant to make V1_0::MetaData lightweight - instead of passing an image data blob in the MetadataType.RAW field, the HAL implementation only passes the identifier, so the client may cache images or even not fetch them.

The identifier may be any arbitrary number - sequential, sha256 prefix, or any other unique value selected by the vendor.

The data should be a valid PNG, JPEG, GIF or BMP file.Image data with an invalid format must be handled gracefully in the same way as a missing image.

The image identifier may become invalid after some time from passing it with metadata struct(due to resource cleanup at the HAL implementation). However, it must remain valid for a currently tuned program at least until currentProgramInfoChanged or programListChanged is called and metadata changes for the current program.

There is still a race condition possible(if the HAL deletes the old image immediately after notifying about the new one)between currentProgramInfoChanged callback propagating through the framework and the HAL implementation removing previous image.In such case, client application may expect the new currentProgramInfoChanged callback with updated image identifier.

Identifier of an image;value of 0 is reserved and should be treated as invalid image.
A binary blob with image data or a zero-length vector if identifier doesn't exist.