Using special test groups

Some test groups may need or support special command line options, or require special care when used on certain systems.

Memory allocation stress tests

Memory allocation stress tests exercise out-of-memory conditions by repeatedly allocating certain resources until the driver reports an out-of-memory error.

On certain platforms, such as Android and most Linux variants, the following can occur: The operating system may kill the test process instead of allowing a driver to handle or otherwise provide an out-of-memory error. On such platforms, tests that are designed to cause out-of-memory errors are disabled by default, and must be enabled using the --deqp-test-oom=enable command line argument. It is recommended that you run such tests manually to check if the system behaves correctly under resource pressure. However, in such a situation, a test process crash should be interpreted as a pass.

Test groups


Long-running rendering stress tests

Rendering stress tests are designed to reveal robustness issues under sustained rendering load. By default the tests will execute only a few iterations, but they can be configured to run indefinitely by supplying the --deqp-test-iteration-count=-1 command line argument. The test watchdog should be disabled (--deqp-watchdog=disable) when running these tests for a long period of time.

Test groups