What's New?

September, 2021

(September 13) Added these articles:

(September 8)

Added these articles to describe trout, a virtualization tool that enables single or multiple instances of the Android Automotive OS (AAOS) to run as a guest virtual machine (VM) alongside other automotive OS's, such as an instrument cluster or an instance of OS running the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) on an automotive System-On-Chip (SoC).

  • Overview. Learn about leveraging the open-standards based framework for virtualization called VirtIO.
  • Architecture. The VirtIO spec has been extended to include devices such as virtio-snd, virtio-scmi, and virtio-video.
  • Tools. Learn now to use ADB commands used on the development machine to browse the ADB services and connect to them.
  • Reference Platform. To extend trout, see the material in this article.

July, 2021

(July 21)

(July 2) Added these articles:

May, 2021

(May 11) Added new content to describe Dialer Debugging and Testing. Learn about the integrated debugging and testing framework in Dialer that enables you to validate Dialer app features without the need for call-ready devices.

April, 2021

(April 21) Added the Emulator USB Passthrough Integration Guide. Learn how to connect two peripherals (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) to the AAOS emulator.

(April 7) Added Android Virtual Device as a Development Platform to describe how AAOS platform and device makers can use Android Emulator to develop Human Machine Interface (HMI) and apps without relying on hardware.

March, 2021

(March 10) Updated the entire suite of AAOS Audio articles at Automotive Audio. Learn about the changes made to support these automotive-related audio features:

January, 2021

(January 27) Added User HAL Properties. Use these new properties on the VHAL to create, switch, remove, and associate external accessories to identify Users.

(January 25) Added Android Automotive Bootcamp Presentations. See video recordings from the 2020 Google Automotive Partner Bootcamp.

December, 2020

(December 11) Added Troubleshooting RROs to the Car UI Library Integration Guide.

October, 2020

(October 20) Added these new articles to the Car UI Library Integration Guide:

(October 9) Added this new article:

(October 6) Added these new articles:

Published the Voice Interaction Integration Guide aimed at voice assistant developers and OEMs who want to preload voice assistants on AAOS:

(October 2) Added these new articles:

September, 2020

(September 28) Added this new article:

  • Virtualization. This article describes a new capability in Android Automotive OS (AAOS), which now supports deployment as a guest virtual machine in environments compatible with the VirtIO standard.

(September 8) These articles have been added: